Lectures, Workshops, Events

Know-How for Employees’ Improved Health

How well do your employees cope with physical and mental strain? How can we prevent back problems before they occur? Is there a prescription against so-called 'burnout' syndrome? Our health experts have the answer! In customized seminars and workshops on health in the workplace, we can show your employees and managers how to avoid work-related illnesses.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner for lectures, seminars, and workshops, you:

  • Benefit from our experience and large network, including experts from the field of occupational medicine, healthcare graduates, tutors, psychologists, physiotherapists, and workplace counselors
  • Count on services that are scientifically substantiated and validated - we cooperate with a professor of industrial and organizational psychology
  • Get one-stop service and nationwide assistance from 66 sites
  • Benefit from our highly-educated personnel who receive further training on a regular basis

What We Offer

Make the health and well-being of your employees company a top priority. We offer customized modules that you can implement as part of your company health management (CHM) system:

  • Workshops
  • Practical seminars
  • Lectures
  • Counseling sessions
  • Manager coaching

A Catalogue of Our Topics

  • Burnout
    We can give you more information on how to analyze, prevent, and manage burnout symptoms
  • Dealing with Violence; De-Escalation
    Learn how to handle violent situations properly and develop communication techniques for de-escalation
  • Stop Smoking Training
    Keep your company smoke-free
  • Exercise
    We can tell you all about new exercise trends, training methods, and effective approaches to changing attitudes towards exercise
  • Working Methods Suitable for Backs
    Prevent back problems before they occur - both at your place of work and in private
  • Addiction Prevention at Work
    Learn about current concepts and options on how to prevent addiction
  • Healthy and Fit - That's Me!
    Obesity just isn’t an option. We can give your company detailed information on nutritional habits and changing them: BMIs and so on
  • Motivational Advice: "Proper daily exercise"
    Practical seminars: "How do I conquer my lack of willpower?"
  • Nutrition Advice Following the LOGI Method
    Practical seminars; for example, a LOGI cooking course for everyday at the office, methods for preventing obesity, metabolism problems, and type 2 diabetes and related therapies
  • Further Examples
    Time management, coping with stress, work/life balance, relaxing properly on the job and at home, preventing burnout