Certification According to SA 8000

The Standard for Socially Responsible Corporate Management

It goes without saying that your company operates with socially fair working conditions, excellent health and safety provisions, and environmentally-friendly production conditions. Demonstrate your social responsibility with SA 8000 certification - the standard for social accountability. This will strengthen your corporate social responsibility (CSR), and improve confidence in your company among employees, customers, and the general public.

Occupational Health and Safety Provisions of the SA 8000 Standard

  • Ban on child and forced labor
  • No discrimination based on race, gender, or religion
  • The right to freedom of association, to organize in trade unions, and engage in collective wage negotiations
  • Commitment to a maximum working period of 48 hours per week with one free day
  • The guarantee of a living wage
  • Commitment to demanding and introducing humane working conditions
  • Systematic improvement of working conditions
  • Documentation through external certification

Benefits at a Glance

SA 8000 certification from TÜV Rheinland enables you to:

  • Build trust among your partners and the general public
  • Gain significant competitive advantages over companies that do not take an ethical approach
  • Ensure social harmony in your production facilities

Six Steps To Greater Occupational Health And Safety

1. Preliminary Audit (optional)

The auditors conduct a preliminary audit to determine whether any requirements associated with this standard have already been implemented in your company and, if so, which ones.

2. Examination of Documentation

The auditing team determines the extent to which documentation for your social management already meets the SA 8000 requirements.

3. Certification Audit

You demonstrate the practical application of your social standards, and our auditors test how effective it is.

4. Issue of Certificate

Once all criteria have been met, your company is awarded the certificate, demonstrating your compliance with the SA 8000 social standards.

5. Surveillance Audits

Our semi-annual surveillance audits help you to continuously optimize your working conditions.

6. Certification Renewal

The revision audit is carried out after three years and helps you to implement continuous improvement processes. This demonstrates to partners and customers your long-term commitment to socially just working conditions.

Steadily Moving Toward an Integrated Strategy

You can integrate SA 8000 in existing quality or occupational health and safety management systems. If you want to document both your environmental and humanitarian responsibilities, you can combine SA 8000 with certified environmental management in line with ISO 14001 or EMAS.