Occupational Safety and Health

Your employees are your number one asset for success. Our experts - physicians, psychologists, and work safety engineers – are here to support you with your occupational health and safety strategy. From check-ups to corporate personal health control to fire protection. With integrated solutions and individual services tailored to your company.

Electrical Device Audit

Electrical Device Audit

Benchmark Tests for Mobile, Electrical Devices

Health and Safety Coordination on Construction Sites

Construction Sites

Coordinated Work Safety Measures on Construction Sites

Occupational Safety Analysis for Compliance with Biological Agents Regulation

Compliance with Biological Agents Regulation

Protect Valuable Assets against Biological Agents in the Workplace

Risk Assessment Equipment

Risk Assessment Equipment

More Safety in the Workplace

Risk Assessment for Plants

Risk Assessment for Plants

Minimize risk and stress in the workplace

Testing for Hazardous Substances in the Workplace

Testing for Hazardous Substances

Protect Your Employees from Hazardous Substances