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virtual tour Arnhem

January 2016 TÜV Rheinland Nederland moved to Arnhem. At IPKW building SB renovated into a modern laboratorium. A virtual tour in this office is now available.

Building SB is built in 1941 and put into use during World War II. As part of the frontline the building was severely damaged. After 1945 the building was restored to its function as a cellulose factory.

Over the years the building has been modified several times. For TÜV Rheinland bulding SB is sustainibly developed with respect to the original design and structure. Laboratories on the ground floor, offices on the mezzanine level and large halls on the first floor. In 2015 it was transformed for the current use as office and laboratory.

A variety of products are being tested in Arnhem. Glass is tested on the ground floor for worldwide customers. The customer base for wheelchair testing is international. De ramp, test track and climate chamber are situated on the first floor.

At the official opening in March by the mayor of Arnhem, Herman Kaiser, and during the customer day in March guided tours were given. Frequently TÜV Rheinland Nederland was asked to organise these tours to show the labs. Also many international customers want to see where their products are tested.

Now a vitual tour is available. Photographer Walter Verwaal photographed with Google Business View the inside and outside of the building. With the 360°-pictures at different places in the offices and labs it is possible to virtually walk through the building

The pictures were taken on a summer Saturday. The tour starts at the main entrance. Directly walking into the labs is possible. Use these links.

Front door


Wheelchair lab

Wheelchair circuit

Overview over the large hall and the wheelchair circuit

Lab workshop

Fire lab for floors

Injectorpen and PPE lab

Textile lab

Washing lab

Floors lab

Glass lab with gasleakage equipment

Glass lab with climate chambers

Glass lab for destructive testing. Burglar safety

Microscopy and spectometry

Fysical/chemical lab

Oven lab

Offices at the mezzanine floor

Stairs from mezzanine floor to ground floor

Connected to the future


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