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Development / Type Testing

We're there for you from the start. Whether it's tractors, buses, or trikes - modern vehicles and components are getting more complex by the day. From development onwards, our experts are here to support you, helping to avoid costly, time-consuming flaws in developments. We take active, passive, and functional safety into account, test engines, tires, and electronics - in the lab and on the test track.

Type Testing for Wheels and Tires

Wheels and Tires

Fit for the Road with Certified Replacement Wheels.

Vehicle Emissions

Vehicle Emissions

Emissions Testing for Cars, Light Trucks, and Motorcycles.

Type Testing Electrics and Electronics

Electrics and Electronics

Vehicle EMC: Tested and Compliant.

Functional Safety

Functional Safety

Functional Safety Testing for Automotive Components.

Vehicle Safety - Active Safety

Active Safety

Safer Driving with Certified Driver Assistance Systems.

Vehicle Safety - Passive Safety

Passive Safety

Reduce Consequences of Accidents with Tested Passive Safety Systems.

Strength Tests and Environmental Simulations

Strength Tests and Environmental Simulations

Vehicle Elements – Thoroughly Checked and Ready for Operation.

Whole-Vehicle Type Testing for Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Trailers

Cars, Trucks, Buses, and Trailers

Guaranteed Approvals thanks to Tested Vehicles.

Type Testing for Agricultural and Forestry Tractors and Trailers

Agricultural and Forestry Tractors and Trailers

Safe Vehicles for Forests and Farms.

Lighting Technology

Lighting Technology

Tested Vehicle Lighting for a Safe Trip.

Type Testing for Systems and Components

Systems and Components

One-Stop Homologation Services for Automotive Systems and Components.

Customization and Modification

Customization and Modification

Modification Testing for Increased Traffic Safety.

Type Testing for Two- and Three-Wheel Vehicles

Two- and Three-Wheel Vehicles

Homologation Support from A to Z.

Alternative Drive Systems

Alternative Drive Systems

Type Testing and Consulting for Alternative Drive Systems.