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Do you need expert information about your radiological safety?

Parents are always concerned about the safety of children. Now one big concern is about radiological issues and many parents are already taking voluntary measurements.

A safety evaluation by an expert is important to a well founded sense of assurance. At TÜV Rheinland we have been offering impartial inspections for 140 years and we are now offering radioactive contamination analysis services in Japan.

Our services

Precise measurements of dose rates and surface contamination within the precincts of the facility and identification of any locations where radioactive substances are present in significant amounts.

Detailed analyses conducted at our laboratory of samples taken from the precincts of the facility such as soil and water. Standard package includes gamma spectrometry analysis for two samples per facility.

Calculations of potential radiation exposure based on measurement data.

Recommendation of radiation protection measures as adequate.


The measurement by TÜV Rheinland is introduced in the diary of Keisen Gakuen Junior High School & Senior High School. 13 Jan 2012
The measurement of soil and water in the farming area (Japanese)

How to apply

For sample testing of water, soil or food etc, please download the EXPRESS TEST procedures and application (PDF, 421 KB) and read the procedures carefully. Fill in the form on Page 4 and submit it to us via Email or Fax.

Email: (Please mention "EXPRESS TEST" in the subject field.)
FAX: 045-914-3353 : Attention RCI service

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