Electric Vehicle

Testing and Certification Services for Electric Vehicles, Related Products and Batteries
TÜV Rheinland supports your smooth entry into the market with our large global network and rich experience in the field.

Electric Vehicles

TÜV Rheinland provides type testing and certification for vehicles and components according to EU Directives, UN/ECE regulations, and other International regulations, E/e mark certification ECE-R100, electric safety requirements, as well as EMC testing based on European regulations or international standards.

Charging Systems and Electronic Components

We provide type testing and certification for charging systems and their related components such as charging connectors / cables . Our testing services include EMC, EV wireless charging systems(Certification for North America - UL standards, Field labeling, for EU - IEC/DIS 61980-1/-2/-3), V2H systems and Grid Connectivity Testing . Beside our TUV mark license, we can issue CB report and certificate based on IEC 61851 series as well as cTUVus and TU mark license for the North American market.

Battery and Capacitor

The Battery Testing Laboratory at our Kansai Technology Assessment Center (KTAC) is the largest laboratory which is designated only to ESS (Energy Storage System) in Japan. We provide testing services using the latest facilities and have a high level of specialist knowledge.

Related Services

Our One-Stop Service serves your needs very efficiently: We can also conduct customized tests following our customers' special requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

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