Ergonomics Testing

Leader in ergonomics testing

TÜV Rheinland Japan is a leader in ergonomics testing for flat display panels, projectors, PCs and peripheral equipment (keyboard and mouse).

Ergonomics testing

To improve operability and safety with considerations for environment, the following evaluations and measurements are performed according to ergonomics standards:

1. Measure the brightness of characters displayed on the screen (and the background) to check sufficiency of contrast ratio.

2. Measure the coordinates of displayed colors to check the appropriateness against the values specified in applicable standards.

3. Check the contrast ratio and color visibility change according to the light reflected when an additional light is irradiated on the screen

4. Measure the static electricity on the screen and the intensity of electric and magnetic fields around the display

5. Measure the power consumption

Applicable standards:

Ergonomics requirements of EK1-ITB 2000

ISO 9241-307 (Evaluation of displays)

2 PfG 2546 (Color Accuracy evaluation for displays, our original requirements)

2 PfG 2383 (Low blue light content evaluation for displays, our original requirements)

2 PfG 1797 (Flicker Free Devices evaluation for displays, our original requirements)

TCO certification and ecology evaluation:Display, Note PC, Projector, etc

JEITA ITR-3003, 3004 (Requirements on static electricity, electric and magnetic fields)

AAPMTG18 (medical image display devices for application of FDA approval)

DIN 6868-157 Acceptance testing (for image display devices)

EN 60704 (Measurement of acoustic noise from home appliances)

ISO 7779 (Measurement of acoustic noise from IT equipment)

EN 50332-1/2 (Sound pressure measurement for audio devices)

Energy Star, ErP related standards

Testing equipment at GTAC

Display analysis system

(Microvision model SS420)
Measures brightness (cd/m2),
color coordinates (u’, v’),
color temperature (CCT:K)

HATS (Head and Torso Simulator)

Ear Simulator

A-weighted sound pressure level (dB)

Others: Spectroradiometer, lux meter, response speed /flicker measurement device, etc.