Impact / Vibration Testing

Application of the right type of impacts is required for each test, such as a bullet impact from an air rifle or hitting with a pendulum hammer. A bump test using a vibration tester is also possible.

Our facilities

We evaluate the strength of the products by hitting the test sample with a bullet of the shape and size specified by the applicable standard, at the specified speed.

Related standards:
ISO 23125, EN 12417 and others.

IK Testing (classification testing)

We offer testing IK08~IK10

Related standards:
IEC 60068-2-75, IEC 62262 and others.

Vibration testing / Combined property environmental testing / Repeated impact testing

Vibration tests are performed to evaluate the safety, durability, and life-cycle performance of products by simulating the stress from various types of vibration.

Testing equipment

Vibration tester

Two type of equipmen: large and small

Related standards:
IEC 60068-2-6, -27, -29 and others.