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The knowledge TÜV Rheinland magazine contact has received the "Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing" silver award in 2013 by the League of American Communications Professionals.

Please have a look at the current issue of our knowledge magazine contact - available as flippable PDF-file:

Nuclear fusion – energy source of the future?

Is nuclear fusion the solution to the energy supply of the future? What role does TÜV Rheinland play in current fusion projects? This and more now in contact.

Complex sun energy: nuclear fusion is a fascinating idea. But is this realistic? And what does TÜV Rheinland contribute to the current fusion projects Wendelstein 7-X in Germany and ITER in France? The cover story of the new issue of our knowledge magazine provides answers.

Digital security reloaded: cyber-attacks are getting more and more threatening. What are TÜV Rheinland’s Cyber Security Trends of 2017?

World of Laboratories: our gas appliance experts in Milan

The stuff dreams are made of: fuel cell technology as the second mainstay of electric mobility

Predictive maintenance: how life expectancy of power plant components can be calculated more accurately

Real castles in the air: a selection of the world’s most unusual buildings

Acid test for rechargeable batteries: energy storage systems are becoming more and more important – and need to be safe

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