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Monitoring, Demolition, and Closing in the Construction Sector

Demolition of Structures: Safe, Economical, Sustainable

Is time taking its toll on your building? Is demolition the only realistic alternative? Our specialists can assist you in the removal of all kinds of structures. We handle the supervision and planning of demolition work through design reviews, statics calculations, and laboratory testing. After removal, we calculate the partial structural integrity of remaining structures. On request, our experts can advise you on recycling construction materials.

Benefits at a Glance

TÜV Rheinland's demolition analyses and consultation services help you:

  • Actively contribute to accident prevention during demolition
  • Improve safety before, during, and after demolition
  • Recycle construction materials in an ecologically-friendly manner
  • Benefit from our many years of experience with demolition work and our one-stop shop support service

Our Demolition and Structure Removal Services

Our experts perform comprehensive testing, inspections, and reviews and provide expert advice during and after demolition. Our wide range of services include the following:

  • For structure demolition:
    • Design reviews
    • Statics calculations
    • Sampling
    • Non-destructive testing

  • For closure and transfer of sites:
    • Mechanical and statics calculations of partial structural integrity and structural integrity for temporary conditions
    • Installation and operation of instruments that measure various factors, including shock, noise, dust, and deformation
    • Documentary proof compiled from independent expert reports on statics analyses

  • Inspection of the materials recovered during the course of removal and their storage locations; advice on recycling those materials

As an owner or government agency, you can also contract turnkey supervisory services from us.