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Restoration of Historical Monuments

Proper Renovation of Historical Structures using State-of-the-Art Technology

Historical structures, like churches, castles, bridges, and period buildings, give cities and villages their distinctive look. Preserving historical monuments and renovating old buildings are sensitive activities that require great expertise and also involve complex issues. We at TÜV Rheinland work with you to develop integrated solutions for restoration projects and support you in implementing them with the latest technology – and our unbeatable expertise. You will also benefit from our extensive network of contacts in or affiliated with specialist agencies.

Benefits at a Glance

With the support of our experts for restoring historical monuments, you will:

  • Invest in lasting solutions for historical structures
  • Gain the assurance that your project complies with the rules governing the protection of historical monuments
  • Ensure that the renovation remains true to the original, thanks to our specialists’ expertise and background as art historians
  • Engage the highest standard of renovation services without incurring excessive expense

Our Services for Renovations of Historical Structures

  • Record of structural geometry and creation of three-dimensional models using CAD and
    3D laser scans
  • Laboratory analysis for identification, assessment, and evaluation of building materials and methods
  • Non-destructive analysis of internal structures with pulse radar, thermography, and ultrasound
  • Automated, continuous monitoring of historical structures
  • Expert evaluation and consulting