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Welding Techniques

welding training courses for welders

Get Welders to Fit Your Requirement

Welder courses of TÜV Rheinland provide quick, flexible and practice-oriented training for welders – precisely tailored to the companies’ requirements. Our certified training courses are designed as a modular system with continuous enrolment dates, short duration and a high level of practical training. Modern technology and welding procedures are our standard.

CQI-15 Special Process Assessment Course of Welding System

[Background] The course is a comprehensive understanding of the welding system (CQI-15) audit and assessment requirement and technical standards. Establish effective ideas and methods of welding management system.


  • Overview of CQI-15 welding system
  • CQI-15 welding system technical knowledge
  • The basic structure and requirement for CIQ-15
  • Management responsibility & quality Planning
  • Floor and Material handing responsibility & FAQs
  • Equipment management requirement & FAQs
  • 4 Welding process table requirement & FAQs
  • Audit plan and implementation

Please Click Here (PDF, 264 KB) to learn more.

Visual Welding Inspection

[Introduction] Visual inspection is one of the most important aspects in welding production, which is widely used in automobile manufacturing, boiler tubes, steel structures, mechanical and electrical products.


  • Introduction of visual inspection
  • The basic reason for visual perception and illumination technology
  • The reason for the material properties and defect
  • Application procedures and case analysis for test equipment
  • Quality control of visual inspection
  • Test reception and rejection
  • Reporting and record the data

Please Click Here (PDF, 432 KB) to know more.

Welding Training Course Registration Instructions

If you want to apply the above welding training courses,please use the wechat to scan two-dimensional code so that you can get the registration channels.

We train welders for many industries.

We provide targeted and competent training for welders in a modular system. Short duration of training and a continuing system of enrolment allow a quick deployment as welder in your company. In courses individually tailored to your company’s needs, each participant will get the possibility to expand his skills or acquire what will additionally be useful for him in the job. Preparations for professional practices and industrial placements reduce the duration of vocational adjustment and are integral part of the qualification measure. The welders will complete the training with the recognized TÜV examinations.

Welder Training Facilities of TÜV Rheinland

Welding Courses by TÜV Rheinland

  • Welding Procedures including
    Fillet and Butt Weld Test

    - Gas welding
    - TIG welding
    - MIG welding
    - E-hand welding
    - Gas and plasma cutting

  • Steels, Materials
    - General constructions steels
    - High tensile steels
    - Creep resistant steels
    - High alloyed steels
    - Copper, aluminium
    - Fine grained steel

  • Practice simulation under particular circumstances
    - In the pipe trench (GW350)
    - On constructions sites (Norm 1050)
    - In confined spaces
    - At height, on scaffoldings

  • Additional Competences
    - flux cored wire welding
    - vertical downward welding
    - gouging
    - flame straightening
    - isometry / pipe device
    - brazing
    - submerged arc welding
    - orbital welding