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Energy and Heating Technology

Safe, Reliable and Efficient

Changing markets and tougher competition create new risks. They also open up new opportunities on an international scale for manufacturers of engineering-related energy components, heating equipment, and safety-related valves and fittings. Get help from our test center for energy technology facilities. As part of our comprehensive service package, we are equipped to test a wide range of equipment, such as boilers, ovens, and furnaces; verify safety-related systems; and inspect entire energy and heat generator facilities, such as combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland as your partner in energy and heat generation–related questions, you can:

  • Be sure that you comply with applicable regulations and standards
  • Get certification that your equipment and systems operate cost-effectively and function according to their design specifications
  • Document the high level of functional reliability and safety of your products
  • Take advantage of the competitive edge that comes with having our independent test mark, TUVdotCOM

Our Areas of Expertise

Heat Generators
We inspect and test equipment used in combustion and heating, for example, pellet-fired furnaces, wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, pellet burners, biofuel burners, solid fuel boilers, pellet-fired boilers, gas burners, oil burners, ovens and stoves, hot air generators, heat pumps, fuel cells, and burner control units.

Safety Systems
We inspect and test mechanical valves and fittings for gas, oil, hot water, and steam; regulators, limiters, control valves, leak sensors, and exhaust dampers. We can also verify electrical and electronic control systems.

Equipment Inspection and Testing
We provide consultation and measurements on operating parameters and on safety and energy efficiency for energy technology systems, industrial plants, combined heating and power plants, and industrial equipment such as gas turbines, chillers, air compressors, and emergency power generators.

Our Services


  • EC type examinations to verify conformity with EC regulations
  • Type examinations to verify conformity with standards and technical regulations
  • Independent audits to confirm product characteristics for international markets
  • Inspection of individual units, for example, for special configurations
  • Measurement of industrial units to certify, for example, efficiency and cost-effectiveness
  • Quality assurance in product and quality audits

Additional information is available in our download section. If you have any questions or would like a quote, our experienced engineers will be happy to assist you.

Testing and Certifications

From the CE mark to the “Blue Angel” environmental protection label – our services can issue a wide range of national and international certifications.

CE Mark

The CE mark is generally applied to the product by the manufacturer, certifying to market regulatory authorities that the product meets the requirements of all relevant European Community (EC) regulations and complies with applicable laws. The CE mark is awarded on the basis of our examinations in accordance with EC regulations specific to:

  • Gas appliances
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Pressure equipment

Ü Mark

The Übereinstimmungszeichen (conformance mark) certifies that construction products comply with legal requirements, regulatory standards for construction, and the established construction engineering rules listed by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Civil Engineering). The Ü mark is issued for products, where no normative standards have yet been established in compliance with regulations for construction products.

DIN Test and Surveillance Mark

DIN testing and surveillance marks are issued as proof of conformance with DIN and DIN EN standards.


This mark indicates compliance with DIN and DIN EN standards and with the regulations of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches, DVGW). The DIN DVGW mark in combination with the CE mark approves a product for distribution on the European market.


The DVGW mark certifies conformance with DVGW regulations.

“Blue Angel” German Federal Environmental Protection Label

For certain heating technology products, the “Blue Angel” label certifies compliance with special environmental regulations. Criteria include low pollutant emissions and high-energy value. It is issued by the German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling (Deutsches Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung, RAL). Testing is carried out on the model type.