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FSC® Certificate, Proof of Forest Protection

The Forest Stewardship Council was established in 1993 as a worldwide, independent and non-profit organization with the purpose to ensure a sustainable and responsible forest management by means of defined standards and certification. Based on this, FSC® defined criteria for an adequate forest management in the forest companies and requirements on wood processing and trading companies.

Increasingly, governments and other organizations specify FSC® certified products in their purchasing policies. FSC® certification provides a credible guarantee to customers, including end-users, by providing products with a FSC® certificate code showing that they originated from managed forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials or a mixture of the three. FSC® certification helps to protect your brand and reputation and it allows you to access highly environmentally sensitive markets. An independent certification as provided through TÜV Rheinland ensures that your wooden products come from sustainable forest cultivation. This strengthens the customers' confidence in these products.

We deliver FSC® certification services in association with DIN CERTCO (www.dincertco.de).

Benefits At A Glance

With FSC® CoC certification, you:

  • Show that your wood products come from sustainable forest cultivation
  • Prove responsible production and consumption of forest products
  • Strengthens customers' confidence in your products
  • Enable consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment and also provide ongoing business value
  • Secure quality and your lead against the competition by streamlining processes and reducing costs
  • Demonstrate your commitment to corporate social responsibility, the environment, and society
  • Improve your access to target groups and markets, where environmental protection is a top priority
  • Rely on our one-stop services from our network and team of experts for product testing and systems validation

Target Groups for FSC® CoC Certification

Any company that works with wood or paper can be certified. We audit all manner of firms - from raw wood processors to manufacturers of consumer goods made of wood or paper. Pure trading companies - as a link in the processing chain - also stand to benefit from certification.

Our Services

  • FSC® COC (Chain-of-Custody) certification service
  • FSC® labeling service
  • FSC® FM (Forest Management) certification service

The Ways We Help You

  • Capability review: Define FSC® COC status, examine readiness for audit
  • Pre-audit (optional): Pre-evaluate FSC® COC
  • Document review: Review the compliance of your documents with FSC standards
  • Certification Audit: Carry out on-site evaluation of the effectiveness
  • Deviation handling: Implement corrective action and follow-up
  • Issuing certificate: Obtain certificate and start to use TÜV Rheinland logo and TUVdotCOM
  • Ongoing surveillance: Continuously evaluate your compliance with the standards

FSC® Certification Requirements

  • Universal requirements for COC control that apply to all COC operations
  • Presents three control systems covering FSC® claims on output, with organizations required to choose one system for each established FSC® product group
  • Supplementary requirements addressing specific situations for COC control systems

Complaint and appeal

Please feel free to provide us with feedback via email to info@dincertco.de or by phone +49 30 7562 1131. Alternatively you can fill in one of our forms . The way complaints or appeal are dealt with in general is governed in our Gerneral Terms and Conditions. You also have the opportunity of course to ultimately discuss this with FSC or ASI.

Please click here (PDF, 119 KB) to acquire the complaint and appeal procedure and contact TÜV Rheinland Greater China.

Additional Services

  • Training and Consulting
  • One-stop service including products testing and systems validation

Applicable Scope

  • Toy
  • Furniture
  • Paper、packaging、boards、paper pulp,etc
  • Wooden based building material
  • All wooden or wooded based products