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Real Estate Valuation

Neutral Valuation and Determination of Mortgage Values for Buildings

Whether you want to securitize debt or if you need it for sales, purchases, or financing of real estate, it is vital that you place your trust in an independent estimate of your building’s market and sale value of. Our experts prepare complete status reports and construction progress reports. We appraise buildings and determine their mortgage value. If necessary, we also conduct real estate inspections.

Benefits at a Glance

With real estate appraisals from TÜV Rheinland, you can:

  • Obtain a fair market valuation of real estate from an independent third party
  • Identify possible risks to the value of real estate in advance
  • Receive determination of market value in accordance with the building and construction code (§194 Baugesetzbuch, BauGB) and a proposed mortgage value in accordance with legislation on government bonds (§16 Pfandbriefgesetz, PfandBG)
  • Generate additional security and arguments for determining value of real estate from an independent source

Target Groups

Our experts appraise real estate for:

  • Credit institutions and banks
  • Funds
  • Real estate companies
  • Tax consultants
  • Management consultants
  • Attorneys
  • Private individuals

Our Real Estate Appraisal Services

Our experts are familiar with regional real estate markets and ideally qualified to provide objective appraisals of your real estate. Our numerous services are summarized here.

Determination of Market Value

TÜV Rheinland's determination of market value can be used for appraisals of all kinds of real estate, from single-family homes to special properties. We determine the market value for you in accordance with the building and construction code (§194 Baugesetzbuch). Services include:

  • On-site meetings with visual inspections of the interior and exterior of the structures and land
  • Preparation of complete photographic documentation
  • Assessment of land associated with the structures
  • Complete description of the essential and dominant features of the structures
  • Description of damage and structural defects
  • Complete listing of the essential information about the plot of land along with its legal circumstances
  • Complete justification of the valuation method selected: sales comparison, income, or cost
  • Complete derivation of the land value
  • Explanation of the main factors applied in the valuation process
  • Assessment of rights and obligations specified both in the land register and outside the land register
  • Monetary valuation of structural damage and defects observed, if not already considered in the valuation through other factors
  • Determination of the market value

Determination of Market and Mortgage Value

Our appraisal of market and mortgage value – suitable for all types of real estate – addresses the requirements of credit institutions in connection with mortgage transactions. We determine the market value in accordance with the building and construction code (§194 Baugesetzbuch) and the mortgage value in accordance with legislation on government bonds (§16 Pfandbriefgesetz). Our services correspond to those of a market value appraisal service. In addition, we give you a proposed mortgage value of the real estate.

Real Estate Inspections for Credit Institutions

With this service - intended specifically for credit institutions - we assist you with your appraisal activities in the retail sector. The service focuses mainly on residential real estate with up to six apartment units.