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Standard update information of high visibility clothing: EN ISO 20471:2013 supersedes EN 471: 2003+A1:2007

09-05-13Greater China

According to the decision of the EU commission committee, the list of harmonized standards is revised and the presumption of conformity of the old EN 471:2003+A1 will be ended on 30th September 2013.

All EEC Type Examination Certificates based on EN 471 for high visibility clothing will become invalid on 1st October 2013 regardless of any other mentioned validity date. After that day, all high visibility clothing should comply with the harmonized standard according to EN ISO 20471:2013 before put on the market.

Some critical changes are listed as below:

  • The requirements to colour and luminance shall be fulfilled after cleaning cycles.
  • The requirement of colour staining of colour fastness to perspiration will be changed from Grade 3 to Grade 4 minimum
  • The tensile strength requirement of woven material is changed to 100N minimum
  • The bursting strength requirements of knitted materials are changed to 100 kPa minimum (for 50 cm2 of test area) and 200 kPa minimum (for 7.3 cm2 of test area)
  • For physiological performance of single or multilayer garments, the Ret cannot be larger than 5 m2 Pa/W. If Ret exceed 5 m2 Pa/W, the Rct (acc. to ISO 11092) shall be measured and imt ≥ 0.15 shall be determined
  • There will be no differentiation in performance levels for retro-reflective material with separate performance – the requirements are the same like level 2 of EN 471
  • The new marking is changed as the image above. (x = the determined performance class of garments, which results from the minimum area of the visible materials)

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