An independent module comparison test

Best of PV Modules

Photovoltaic modules which do not reach their guaranteed 20 years service life are a nightmare for both customers and fitters alike. PV+Test – an independent comparison test set up by TÜV Rheinland together with Solarpraxis AG – now offers customers a way to compare and select modules.

The module test not only evaluates the products according to performance criteria, but also according to their ageing resistance, electrical safety, workmanship, the quality of the documentation, guarantee conditions and how easy the modules are to install.

Do you want your modules to be listed among the best?

Then get in touch with one of our test experts. All manufacturers are invited to participate in this testing.

The criteria for this extensive evaluation have been discussed and approved by an Industrial Advisory Council which was convened by the Division for Engineering Services of Solarpraxis AG, who are also responsible for publishing the “pv magazine”. The meetings were open to all manufacturers, test laboratories and other interested experts from the solar industry.


Impartial product tests can only be carried out on the basis of an open discussion together with the manufacturers, resulting in the specification of effective and appropriate criteria. The tests are financed by the manufacturers themselves who are interested in a high level of transparency and are willing to pay for this potential marketing aid.

The PV-experts and the accredited test laboratory of TÜV Rheinland in Cologne, Germany, ensure that these tests remain impartial and fair. The manufacturers have no influence on the results, but can merely decide whether the results should in fact be published stating their name, or not. Results that are not published are nevertheless still incorporated in the ranking table. Understandably, the manufacturers of modules with poor test results will not agree to their publication, therefore PV+Test is a list of the modules with the best results. The ranking system enables customers to see clearly how the published results are to be classified.

Naturally this list will continue to grow as more and more manufacturers seek to be included in this “Positive List”. New results are published as soon as a new module has successfully passed the tests.

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