Services During Power Plant Operation

Assuring Overall Functionality – Safe, Efficient, Environmentally Compatible

We are your qualified partner to ensure compliance with safety and quality standards for power plants. We regularly evaluate the overall system conditions and functionality throughout the entire lifecycle and inspect plants and components according to national and international regulations and country-specific requirements.

We focus on keeping consistent high levels of operational availability and long service lifetimes while maintaining maximum safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability. We respectively execute services from single tests to integrated inspection management. Strictly assigned schedules and deadlines within revision periods along with the efficient coordination of tasks and responsibilities enable continuous overall functionality.

We develop critical risk assessments and modernization concepts for integrated plant systems. Furthermore, we evaluate risks and provide appropriate solutions, safety backups and performance strategies to actively increase efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Your Benefits at a Glance

With over 140 years of industry experience, we are one of the leading Accredited Bodies in the field of periodic inspections for power plants and industrial facilities. Conducting periodic inspections has always been part of our daily business. We ensure regulatory compliance and minimize your risk of liability. With this expertise, we provide more than „just“ the basic periodic inspections:

  • Optimization of periodic inspections through intelligent inspection concepts.
  • Efficient inspection management for reliable planning.
  • Cost reduction via innovative life-time assessment measures.
  • Early detection of hidden defects or deterioration.

Our Services during the Operational Phase

We carry out project-driven periodic inspections according to legal regulations and requirements. We also support you in assuring trouble-free plant operation, optimizing processes and personnel interactions. As experts for a power plant lifecycle, we can determine critical points early so that processes can be optimized specifically:

Our skilled specialists are regularly trained in the latest inspection methods, laws, regulations, test and measurement procedures and technical features. At home in the world’s markets, we are the ideal liaison between manufacturers and operators.