Services in the Construction Phase of Power Plants

Quality and Safety during the Construction of Power Plants

Constructing a power plant presents many challenges for the people in charge. In large-scale projects of this kind, many suppliers and project partners must work together. Processes must be coordinated exactly in order to save time, energy and, above all, costs.

To avoid failures and to detect risks at your construction and manufacturing sites early, we support the optimization of manufacturing processes and the accompanying manufacturing surveillance so that enduring quality during assembly is guaranteed. Furthermore, we assure that your plant and its components are produced according to local norms and standards.

Due to our support your project managers on site will be relieved. Production processes will be optimized, manufacturing specifications and operations will be evaluated internationally. In addition, we make sure that the quality of manufacturing and construction is in accordance with current aspects and policies concerning energy, environment and economy. This guarantees smooth and expeditious project progress.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Whether providing individual services or solutions for complex interdisciplinary tasks, our experienced experts help you to recognize and avoid failures, incidents and delays and to implement appropriate countermeasures. Transparent and clearly laid out, on-time and optimized to provide the following benefits:

  • Regulatory compliance due to assured adherence of all contractual requirements, mandatory regulations and quality standards during manufacturing and installation.
  • Increase of quality in manufacturing through additional specific training and qualification programs, as for example, in the field of welding technology.
  • Optimization of manufacturing processes.
  • Increase of quality through complementary manufacturing and construction supervision.
  • Security of investment through project-based expediting concepts.
  • Transparency through complete documentation.
  • Support with complex coordination tasks.
  • Relieve project managers through experienced and specialized professionals in specialized areas.
  • Local experts with international backgrounds.

Our Services for Power Plants in the Construction and Manufacturing Phase

Thanks to our global experience, we are able to support the construction of power plants with an outstanding range of services and a variety of experts in diverse fields:

Based on our industry-specific knowledge and performance-based core competencies in all areas of the manufacturing and construction phase of power plants, we are able to provide dedicated and proven expertise in the testing, inspection and approval of any facility. Worldwide!

QA/QC Services

The quality of all power plants, components and materials is continually subject to strict guidelines and high standards. Quality control and the resulting safety help you to meet the contractual guidelines and to fulfill high quality standards at any time. We offer independent assessment of manufacturers and inspection of components as well as of all component parts in your power plant. As a leader in the areas of quality assurance and quality control, we possess the expertise, trained professionals and a unique network, which guarantee you worldwide quality assurance of manufacturers and suppliers.

Quality requirements for subsequent operating conditions must be determined early on. Parameters such as appropriate regulatory and control concepts for the entire facility must be set on the basis of a defined operating time and a high availability. Extensive facility-specific lifecycle costs and risk analyses determine optimization possibilities and define budgets for optimal quality. The growing importance of integrated system examination demands complementary construction quality controlling.

Prior to use, all structural components are checked at the intended site of implementation according to all applicable rules and regulations to eliminate unnecessary down-time and to avoid repair costs. Supplemental quality controlling and random samplings are extremely useful in ensuring the highest quality of subsequent plant processes and minimizing shortcomings in all phases, from conception to decommissioning.

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