A wave for every need

RFID, ZigBee, 5G, LPWAN: No doubt everyone has heard these, as well as other, similar cryptic abbreviations from the wireless world. But what exactly is behind it all? One thing’s clear: Wireless technology is the basis of the Internet of Things, the networking of machines, data and processes that makes “Economy 4.0” possible. Wireless standards like the ones above ensure order and reliably define the properties of wireless technology. The latest developments, e.g. Low Power Wide Area Networks, open up new business areas for virtually every industry. Anyone who wants to participate in the Internet of Things will find the right solution for virtually every application in the range of standards.

The world goes into reception

The world goes into reception

The internet of Things gains impetus – thanks to new wireless technologies.

Stefan Kischka, Vice President Wireless/IoT at TÜV Rheinland

An entirely new world

Stefan Kischka about the right way to the smart future.