Nuclear fusion

The ability to use the energy source of the sun on the earth has been the goal of nuclear fusion research for nearly 70 years. The controlled fusion of atomic nuclei into a hot plasma could ultimately provide a sustainable source of energy for the human race. Popularly referred to as “clean nuclear energy”, nuclear fusion produces no emissions, leaves less radioactivity behind and is safe to work with. Researchers intend to demonstrate feasibility with test reactors such as ITER and Wendelstein 7-X over the next few years. But the technical challenges and costs are massive. So it remains uncertain whether it will be economically viable to burn solar fire on the earth.

The sun on the earth

The sun on the earth

The sun is a fusion planet: environmentally friendly and safe.

Dr. Christoph Pohl, Head of Nuclear Technology at TÜV rheinland.

It’s a big deal

Dr. Christoph Pohl talks about the pioneering work in testing fusion plants.