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welding training courses for welders

Get Welders to fit Your Requirements!

Welder courses of TÜV Rheinland provide quick, flexible and practice-oriented training for welders – precisely tailored to the companies’ requirements. Our certified training courses are designed as a modular system with continuous enrolment dates, short duration and a high level of practical training. Modern technology and welding procedures are our standard.

Need Welders for Your Company? Want to Become a Welder?

Welding is a high-performance technology that is gaining importance in industry and trades. For many companies operating in the metal-working industry and trades, welding is one of the most significant production technologies. Approval of the companies, the products and the manufacturing process is required for almost all welded products.

Welder and Welding Supervisors Training Courses

  • Welding Supervisors for Enterprises
    - TÜV Rheinland Certified Welding Practitioner "Schweißwerkmeister (TÜV)"
    - TÜV Rheinland Certified Welding Specialist "Schweißfachmann (TÜV)"

  • Seminars & Courses
    Keep your knowledge up to date with our welding technology seminars! Acquire additional competences and degrees!

We train Welders for Many Industries.

We provide targeted and competent training for welders in a modular system. Short duration of training and a continuing system of enrolment allow a quick deployment as welder in your company. In courses individually tailored to your company’s needs, each participant will get the possibility to expand his skills or acquire what will additionally be useful for him in the job. Preparations for professional practices and industrial placements reduce the duration of vocational adjustment and are integral part of the qualification measure.

Welder Training Facilities of TÜV Rheinland

Our training for welders covers all major welding methods, important fields of application, and associated personnel requirements. Upon completion of the training course, your employees receive a qualification certificate for welders compliant with DIN EN 267 or DIN EN ISO 9606 and with the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Welding Courses of TÜV Rheinland

  • Welding Procedures including
    Fillet and Butt Weld Test

    - gas welding
    - TIG welding
    - MIG welding
    - E-hand welding
    - gas and plasma cutting

  • Steels, Materials
    - General constructions steels
    - High tensile steels
    - Creep resistant steels
    - High alloyed steels
    - Copper, aluminium
    - Fine grained steel

  • Practice simulation under particular Circumstances
    - In the pipe trench (GW350)
    - On constructions sites (Norm 1050)
    - In confined spaces
    - At height, on scaffoldings

  • Additional Competences
    - flux cored wire welding
    - vertical downward welding
    - gouging
    - flame straightening
    - isometry / pipe device
    - brazing
    - submerged arc welding
    - orbital welding

TÜV Rheinland trains Welding Supervisors for Enterprises.

Training Courses for Prospective Welding Supervisor

  • Welding Practitioner (TÜV) - Schweißwerkmeister (TÜV)
    The Welding Practitioner (TÜV) authorised for practical and specialist theoretical master tasks in the welding processes, in which he is trained.
    See Degree on Certipedia: ID No. 0000038806

  • Welding Specialist (TÜV) - Schweißfachmann (TÜV)
    The Welding Specialist (TÜV) is a welding supervisor according to DIN EN ISO 14731 and additionally qualified with fundamental knowledge of technical and technological economic execution of welding work. This enables them to prepare and supervise simple welding constructions and manufacturing processes.
    See Degree on Certipedia: ID No. 3011791121

Training Qualification Certified by the Personnel Certification Body PersCert TÜV

We train specialist staff for an employment as welding supervisors in companies of all sizes. The training as welding specialist or welding practitioner with TÜV Rheinland provides profound know-how for the future career.

The exam is taken from the independent personnel certification office PersCert TÜV. You will receive a certificate of the personnel certification office and will have the suffix (TÜV) in your degree description.

Use Certipedia - the Certificate Database of TÜV Rheinland - to demonstrate your personnel’s qualifications and expertise – and to set yourself apart from your competition! Anybody can see your employees’ qualifications online at Certipedia. Our course-specific Certipedia ID demonstrates the high standards employees in your company achieve. We also ensure transparency – anybody can see and understand what your employees did to gain their qualifications.

Keep Your Knowledge Up to Date With our WeldingTechnology Seminars.

The following seminars will give you an examples of our training topics. Our topics vary across different countries depending on local demand. All seminars and training courses are also available as inhouse training. Examples:

  • Responsibilities of a welding supervisor in a company
  • Requirements of BGR 500 (German trade association rules), part 2, chapter 2.26 for the welding manufacturer

  • Targeted selection of welders – contents of the welding certification
  • Requirements and implementation of DIN EN 1090

Additional Qualifications for Welding Specialists

You as a company have still further demands on your welders? You as a welder want to acquire additional competences and degrees? TÜV Rheinland offers the appropriate additional qualifications for Welders, e.g.

  • Driving or forklift licence
  • SCC Training

  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
    Download PDF (PDF, 460 KB)
  • Plastic Welding

Recruitment and Qualification from a single Source

Flyer Managed Recruiting

TÜV Rheinland Delivers Staffing Solutions to Find Your Welding Experts.

From personnel search to individual qualification:
Our welding- and personnel experts provide quick, individual and flexible support to solve staff shortage problems. From personnel search to selection of candidates and individual certification – we offer tailored solutions to find the required welding experts. See brochure | Download PDF (PDF, 766 KB)

Your Advantage

  • Time and cost saving by using flexible modules
  • Demonstration of welding skills as integral part of the selection process
  • Recruitment proposals from competent welding and HR experts

  • Upon request: tailored welders qualification according to your needs
  • Simultaneous acquirement of additional qualifications
  • Rapid deployment of the welders as a result of flexible, practical-oriented education and industrial placement

Become a TÜV Rheinland Authorized Welding Training Center

Business Opportunity for Your Training Facility

After the successful audit by the auditors of PersCert TÜV, your training facility is entitled to use the title "TÜV Rheinland authorized Welding Training Center". A contract governs the rights and obligations of both parties to the scope of approval which is confirmed in the admission letter. In addition, it defines the conditions, the process flow and the content of the surveillance audit, furthermore how to use the trademark "TÜV Rheinland".