Training & Training Services for the Oil and Gas Industry

Qualified and motivated employees are the precondition for each successful oil and gas company. TÜV Rheinland is committed to providing competent, practical and applicable solutions precisely tailored to your individual needs: from placement of specialists through apprenticeship to vocational education of skilled workers and executives. In addition, we offer a wide range of support services such as product or service training and training management, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Training Module Proposal for the Oil & Gas Industry

Technical Training for Your Oil and Gas Business

The listed above training topics represent an abstract of our portfolio, which includes 1,200 trainings in a wide range of carreers. TÜV Rheinland would be happy to provide additional information regarding training and training services for all countries of your business.

Benefit of our Technical Trainings

... for organizations:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness in work
  • Increased productivity / profitability
  • Superior quality of products / services
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased health and safety
  • Increased employee retention
  • Internationally comparable training standards
  • Flexible and responsive program design

... for employees:

  • Develop new skills in the performance of responsibilities
  • Improving communication in personal and professional life
  • Confidence in their abilities
  • Confidence in the organization to which they belong

Health & Safety Training

  • Health & Safety - Confined Space Entry
    Be in Safe, everywhere.Knowledge of regulations and work control procedures in a confined space.
    See training information (PDF, 97 KB)

  • Health & Safety - Environmental Awareness
    Understand and enforcement of environmental laws. Knowledge of environmental pollution, hazardous chemicals and waste. General knowledge of environmental management system according to ISO 14001.
    See training information (PDF, 83 KB)

  • Health & Safety - First Aid
    To know and understand the elements of the chain of survival. To know and understand the elements of a proper resuscitation. To know and understand what and how is a correct immobilization and a properly conducted dressing. To know and understand the primary and secondary stages of evaluation of a traumatized patient.
    See training information (PDF, 82 KB)

  • Health & Safety - Work Permits
    Your code of practice for work permits.Learn how to recognize works with high risk of injury, job related hazards, and developing preventive measures to control every identified hazard. Getting used with jobs requiring work permits, and necessary steps required for working in safe conditions.
    See training information (PDF, 81 KB)

  • Health & Safety - Behavioural Safety
    Behaviour turns systems and procedures into reality. Promoting the safe behaviour at work as an essential part of occupational health and safety management. Adopting certain behaviour to minimize errors, in order to reduce the potential of injury.
    See training information (PDF, 79 KB)

  • Health & Safety - Risk Assessment
    Think about the hazards and controls your business needs.Learning how to recognize hazards and risk situations, assimilating methods for assessing and prioritizing risks of injury and/or occupational disease, establishing control measures and handling risk of injuries and/or occupational disease.
    See training information (PDF, 81 KB)

Electrical Training

  • Electrical - Glanding and cabling
    The key to success: be up to date. General knowledge of the application fields and legislation. Understand and Knowledge about cable glands and cable.
    See training information (PDF, 79 KB)

  • Electrical - Hazardous Area Awareness
    To succeed, operate safely and efficiently. Raise level of understanding of what a hazardous area is; It provides an introduction to explosion-protected equipment; Explains how to read hazardous area classification drawings; Explains how to read and interpret equipment markings.
    See training information (PDF, 101 KB)

  • Electrical - Portable Equipment (Measurement)
    Measure it and carry it with you.General knowledge of the application fields and legal framework for portable measurement equipment. Understand the necessity and operating principles of portable measurement equipment. Knowledge and use of portable measuring equipment.
    See training information (PDF, 79 KB)

Mechanical Training - Welding

welding training courses

Be the best Welder, never stop learning.

Welding is one of the most important production technologies sought after in the economy. We know the business and train unskilled workers or people who want to improve their aquired knowledge precisely to companies’ requirements.

Main objectives

  • Assimilation of general knowledge regarding the usual materials used for welded structures
  • Knowledge of processes and procedures for obtaining and machining of metallic materials
  • Knowledge of welding processes and technology: preparation, welding parameters
  • Knowledge of welding equipment: components, operation, tools and auxiliary devices
  • Preparation and the correct interpretation of WPS (Welding Procedure Specification)
  • General knowledge regarding: welding equipment, tools and auxiliary devices
  • Operations needed for the correct execution of welded joints
  • Responsibility for quality of work: planning, execution and self-control; Weld defects: type of defects and cause of their appearance, acceptance criteria
  • Proper and efficient organization of work and the workplace / protective equipment
  • Understating stipulations included in the key standards and technical regulations SR and ISCIR Collection for welding and welding procedures.

See training courses information (PDF, 82 KB)

Control & Instrumentation Training

  • Control and Instrumentation – DCS & ESD Control Systems
    Learn what a DCS&ESD system is, what it can do, what information it can provide; Basic understanding of DCS&ESD typical system architecture; Be familiar with DCS user interface; Understand alarm and safety philosophy implemented in control systems. Have developed an awareness and understanding of DCS&ESD importance in complex industrial applications.
    See training information (PDF, 82 KB)

  • Control and Instrumentation – Instrument Communications
    Understand 3÷15 psi and 4÷20 mA signal characteristics; Basic understanding of industrial serial communications (HART, RS232/485); Basic understanding of industrial advanced communications (MODBUS, PROFIBUS, FIELDBUS); Have developed an awareness and understanding of how the signals are transmitted and how the control is achived in industrial applications.
    See training information (PDF, 80 KB)

  • Control and Instrumentation – Loop checking
    Understand the fundamental principles of loop control (loop elements, signal transmission, signal processing, control commands);Be familiar with different control principles; Understand PID control; Understand discrete control (ON/OFF, Gap control …); Understand the fundamental principles of various types of actuators; Be familiar with loop checking procedures.
    See training information (PDF, 80 KB)

  • Control and Instrumentation – Transducers
    Understand how measurement systems are classified based on transduction phenomenon, type of aplication, types of input and output signal, electrical principle involved. Understand the fundamental principles of various types of sensors including thermal, mechanical, electrical, electromechanical and optical sensors. understand their general characteristics, terminologies, sensing and transduction principles. Be familiar with criteria for sensors and transducers selection and recognise appropriate measurement methods for industrial tasks. Have developed an awareness and understanding of the crucial part that measurement plays in industrial activities.
    See training information (PDF, 84 KB)

  • Control and Instrumentation – Transmitters
    Understand how transmitters are classified based on different criterias; Basic understanding of signal conditioning and signal processing; Understand the operating principles of pneumatic transmitters vs electronic transmitters.
    See training information (PDF, 80 KB)

More Success for Your Business With Better-trained Staff

The trainers and lecturers of TÜV Rheinland Academy:

  • offer a high level of specialization and rich experience in theoretical and practical training activities.
  • are specialists in their respective field and industry sectors.

  • make use of modern didactics and methodologies.
  • represent our values.
  • work in accordance with client-set values or goals.

Add-on: Personnel Certification

As a professional training provider, we are authorized to conduct training in accordance with most certification bodies, such as the Romanian National Authority for Qualification (ANC), Achilles, SCC, etc. In addition, giving legal certainty to employer and employee, TÜV Rheinland provides custom personnel certification. As conducted by the internationally recognized personnel certification body PersCert TÜV, the capacity of the workforces of German and foreign companies can be documented according to a global certification standard.

With PersCert TÜV your company confirms the:

  • accuracy of knowledge
  • adherence the standards
  • up-to-date state of knowledge

  • transparency of training and certification processes
  • comparability of employees‘ knowledge across borders

Computer-based and Virtual Training

In the areas of e-and m-learning, we are qualified

  • to provide substantial support.
  • to provide substantial support.
  • to cover all areas and processes in the field of vocational education and training, from needs analysis, planning and implementation to certification.
  • to provide IT solutions.

As business partners, we also assume management of complete staff development. Our IT solutions can be integrated into your corporate infrastructure.

TÜV Rheinland can provide services such as:

  • Content development
  • E-Learning library
  • E-Learning publishing system

  • Learning platform
  • Mobile learning - M-learning
  • Solution packages