Medical Devices Industry

Professional Training for Medical Devices Industry

The medical devices industry is one of the most innovative and dynamic industrial sectors in Germany. It is highly export-oriented and globally linked. With an average product life cycle of approximately 3 years a “time to market” approach is decisive for the success of a company. At the same time the market access for medical equipment is highly regulated on a global basis. Numerous regulatory requirements in development, production, introduction to the market and market surveillance must be met. As a result, complexity and variety of the “regulatory affairs” is steadily increasing. Our training programs helps manufacturers of medical devices position their business successfully in the international market on a long-term basis.

Seminars for Manufacturers

Law, marketing, reimbursement, bring-into-the-market, approval, product safety, hygiene, quality management (QM), risk management

Expert Knowledge for the Medical Devices

Modular training courses with TÜV graduation, holistic training concepts from practical experience to practical application

Manager Regulatory Affairs

Training with postgraduate certificate, additional qualification for the medical devices industry

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