Inspection and Infrastructure Services for All Kinds of Rail Vehicles

Safety and Quality for Railway Technology

Today’s international rail infrastructure network places great demands on safety and quality standards for railway technology. Our experts can help you with comprehensive consulting and testing services for railway vehicles - and for all types of infrastructure. All in compliance with the required standards and regulations. We use Europe’s most modern test and validation center for railway systems, the Prüfcenter Wildenrath. From reviews to commissioning, to approvals of railway technology, we are here for you.

Benefits at a Glance

With testing and infrastructure services for rail vehicles from TÜV Rheinland, you can:

  • Meet legal requirements and certify the required safety and quality specifications for your railway network
  • Demonstrate compliance with due diligence by including us as an independent third party
  • Reduce your risk of liability with our assessments and certificates
  • Document the required running capacity and vehicle limitations, and compliance with set specifications for comfort and noise limits
  • Benefit from being able to use Europe’s most modern test and validation center for railway systems

Services for Your Railway Technology

Our experts can provide comprehensive support with inspections and tests, reviews and approvals of railway technology (rolling stock and infrastructure), as well as logistics and services.

Our services include:

  • Preparation of commissioning and testing programs
  • Provision of resources in testing centers and network operations
  • Execution of test services for systems and components
  • Implementation of EC checks as a notified body for interoperability (European network of notified bodies)
  • Support for commissioning
  • Assessments of rail vehicles
  • Admission management (including documentation audits)
  • Project management

Our inspections include:

  • Vehicle tests
  • Running properties
  • Running capacity
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Structure gauge
  • Vehicle limitations
  • Noise measurements
  • Trial runs