Pre-Import Inspection, Testing & Certification Program of Goods into the Republic of Iraq (ICIGI)

The TÜV Rheinland Group has been appointed by the Republic of Iraq to issue pre-export Verification of Conformity (VOC) for imported goods. Effective since January 2013, TÜV Rheinland can issue certificates of conformity for all products that meet the Iraqi safety requirements.

The VOC program covers at least 12 product categories, focusing both on Iraqi national standards and international requirements. The program ensures that all products entering Iraq meet a minimum level of safety for both consumers and the environment.

ICIGI - Certification of Conformity procedure

The Iraq ICIGI program follows a similar process to other import inspection programs. The following steps are necessary to ensure conformity of products in order to successfully clear customs:

Request for Verification
The importer or exporter must lodge a request for verification with TÜV Rheinland for a specific shipment. This request must include the following documents:

  • TÜV application form
  • Pro forma invoice / final invoice / letter of credit (with a list and designation of goods intended to be exported or imported)
  • Packing list (with information of containers)
  • Conformity documents for the goods to be exported, such as: safety certificates, test reports / reports of analysis in accordance with applicable safety standards or regulations: IQS, ISO, ISO/IEC, EN/BS
  • Certificates for management of quality and safety systems (e.g. ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO/TS 16949)

Verification of Documentation
Following submission of all the required documents, TÜV Rheinland reviews and checks the documents to ensure the goods correspond with the documents and that they meet the Iraqi standards.

Pre-shipment Inspection
Depending on the type of product and documentation available, inspection may be required to check that goods match the ones identified in the documenation, and that they comply with the appropriate standards.

Certificate of Conformity
TÜV Rheinland then certifies the consistency and accuracy of the data collected during the verification process. If the result is satisfactory and once the final invoice and transport document (BL, AWB, etc.) has been received, a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) will be issued. The original of the CoC is required for customs clearance of the goods.

Verification at Point of Destination
The certificate is checked at the final destination. During this step the authenticityof the CoC is confirmed and consistency between the CoC and the import documents verified. At the discretion of the Iraqi customs authorities, a visual check of the condition of the shipment and goods and packaging may also be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Certificate of Conformity (CoC)?
    • The Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is a confirmation that the concerned shipment complies with the regulations of the country of the destination Iraq. It is mandatory to clear the shipment at the border of destination.

  • Why do exporters require this Certificate of Conformity (CoC)?
    • Current regulations in the Republic of Iraq for all imported products should comply with COSQC standards and regulatory framework. A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is accepted as a proof of compliance and for release of the shipments of imported products.

  • What happens if the shipment arrives at the IRAQI border without a CoC?
    • If a shipment arrives at any Iraqi port without a certificate of conformity, the consignment will be returned back to the nearest country, the inspection is performed and samples are drawn for testing. In case the product is not complying with applicable standards, the shipment will be rejected.

  • Why do we have to pay a border fee?
    • Please note that BORDER FEE is not a custom duty. It is part of the contract with COSQC for the charges to be collected in every shipment to Iraq. Before we used to collect it at the border and as per the new regulation, we need to collect now along with the CoC issuance fee.

  • Which products are subject to certification?
      • Toys
      • Electrical and electronic products
      • Vehicles tires and parts
      • Construction products
      • Food products
      • Cosmetics, personal hygiene products and cleaning agents
      • Household hardware
      • Kitchenware
      • Chemicals
      • Textile and footwear
      • Household burning fuel appliances
      • others

      Find the detailed list here (PDF, 248 KB)

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How much does it cost to obtain a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for shipments to Iraq?

Fees for Issuance of the Certificate of Conformity
Declared Value of Shipment in USD Applicable Fee
Minimum Fees
Maximum Fees
T1 = Up to 80,000 300 300 300
T2 = 80,001 - 200,000 300 + 0,4%
(T2 - 80,000)
300 780
T3 = 200,001 - 1,000,000 780 + 0,3%
(T3 - 200,000)
780 3180
T4 = 1,000,000 & above 3180 + 0,15%
(T4 - 1,000,000)
3180 ******
Fees for Inspection at Iraqi Border Points (to be collected along with the CoC issuance fee)
Declared value per container / truck / package
(air shipment) in USD
Applicable fees per container / truck / package
(air shipment) in USD
Up to 5,000 50
5,001 - 10,000 75
More than 10,000 100
Sea bulk commodities 250
Vehicle Fees
Minimum Fee
Plus per Vehicle Fee
300 50

All fees above exclusive of taxes