Check to Go -Test Results in 24 Hours

Proven Safety with Quick Checks

Your product should arrive on the market fast, but do ball pens, drills, chairs, or MP3 players offer customers the safety and quality they are used to from your assortment of products? Our quick safety check will give you the answer, particularly when there isn’t enough time for full-scale certification. We will test and evaluate your product within 24 hours up until the next working day. This short evaluation will provide the basis for a complete audit at a later date and eases the route towards acquiring our renowned audit seal.

Benefits at a glance

A check-to-go product test from TÜV Rheinland allows you to:

  • Minimize liability for your company and protect your company against damage claims
  • Strengthen your customers', traders', and importers' trust in the quality and safety of your company's products
  • Offer your customers valuable assistance in deciding which products to select
  • Gain a head start towards successful certification later on by completing a partial audit

Our procedure

After placing the order, you send us the required amount of test specimens and all relevant documentation. You will receive a summarized evaluation of your product within 24 hours, including a document check (i.e. documentation audit).

We Offer 24-hour Fast Checks for the Following Product Groups

  • Office supplies
  • Electric tools
  • Gardening equipment
  • Household equipment
  • IT devices
  • Lighting
  • Furniture
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Sports equipment
  • Clocks
  • Consumer electronics