Industrial Machinery Audit

Machinery audits: Optimize the operating safety and efficiency of your industrial devices

No matter what you produce, you want your machines to run as safely as possible, with as few interruptions as possible. We offer the tools to help you achieve these goals with our extensive auditing services. A neutral audit seal issued by our experts is internationally recognized and signals your commitment to a safe working environment and high quality standards.

Taking into account applicable norms, our audits aim to minimize your machines’ defects and downtime while maximizing safety and sustainability.

As a Notified Body and authorized and accredited test laboratory for machinery, we are a trusted partner in industrial machine inspection. We would like to put our experience and expertise in the field to work for you.

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Experience the upside of expert machinery inspection

Audit of industrial machinery We audit and inspect industrial machinery to actively prevent defects and reduce liability We audit and inspect industrial machinery to actively prevent defects and reduce liability

Once your company has earned our neutral audit seal, you will be able to reap the benefits. The seal is recognized worldwide, and comes with documentation of safety standards, which can reduce liability. It is also a selling point for customers, giving you an edge over the competition. Internally, you will be able to better avoid defects and all the dangers, costs and inconveniences they create.

Compatible with European standards 2006/42/EC and your needs

Our machinery audits are in accordance with European guidelines and include:

  • EC type examination for machines under Annex IV of the Machinery Directive
  • Assessment of quality management systems in accordance with Annex X of the 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive

Inspections are tailor-made for your company and your machines. Some of the tasks we carry out are:

Our support extends beyond direct inspection of machinery. We can provide:

  • Support while compiling risk analysis and risk assessments
  • Support with new developments and modifications
  • Support during global accreditation

For your convenience, we have streamlined the procedure to include just two simple steps. First, we prepare a bid proposal based on the information you provide about your machinery and target markets. Second, we carry out the necessary inspections and either issue a certificate (positive audit) or a detailed assessment of open points and repairs to be made (negative audit).

Authorized, customized machinery audits and inspections

When you are aiming to lead your industry, you look for partners who lead in theirs. Recognized worldwide and authorized to issue neutral audit seals, we qualify for that role.

Our approach stands out for its emphasis on customization. Your company’s circumstances are unique, and that is why our experts work closely with you to understand your current situation and your specific goals. Our bid proposal will reflect the markets you wish to reach, applicable norms and, of course, the machinery you use to get the job done.

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