Warranty Management

Greater Legal Security with Expert Real Estate Appraisal

Whether you are planning a new construction, a renovation, or a transfer of ownership of a property, reliable inspection and expert appraisal of buildings during the warranty period gives you the legal security you need to stay on track. Our experts document any existing damage and all kinds of defects and assess the condition of a property. This helps you, the owner, save money while maintaining the quality and value of the real estate.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland’s warranty management services for real estate, you can:

  • Rely on our support to maintain the quality and value of your real estate
  • Gain reliable knowledge about the condition of your buildings and any damage or defects
  • Take advantage of our many years of experience in warranty and facility management
  • Make use of our special expertise as a member of GEFMA, the German Facility Management Association

Our Warranty Management Inspections and Expert Appraisals

Our experts inspect and issue expert appraisals for all kinds of real estate. These services include:

  • Building and quality assurance based on inspections of the building quality of new constructions using a 5-phase check
  • Valuation, providing information to assist in ownership transfer
  • Renovation expert reports, including information on estimated renovation costs
  • Expert appraisal prior to expiration of warranty to support the warranty claims of the buyer
  • Damage and defect appraisal, indispensable in the case of consequential damage caused by improper repairs
  • Expert evaluation of support structures and roof structures
  • Construction status reports with details on the current condition of a construction project that has been suspended
  • Expert construction site soil reports with information on soil characteristics and mechanical properties of the soil
  • Expert energy reports that document the energy consumption of a building and indicate options for optimization