Electrical and Building Services Engineering

Lightning protection, fire protection, emergency lighting, and backup power supplies - extensive technical systems affect building security. Whether it's for planning, construction, alteration, or operations that you need our advice - we support you in all aspects of electrical and building technology.

CO alarm system testing

CO Alarm System Testing

Inspections enabling you to ensure the safety and reliability of your gas detection system.

Testing of backup and emergency power systems

Emergency Power Supply Unit Testing

We test the effectiveness and reliability of your emergency power supply systems.

Fire Prevention and Fire Extinguishing Systems

Fire Prevention

TUV Rheinland Experts Offer Comprehensive Solutions for Structural and Technical Fire Protection.

Lightning protection systems

Overvoltage and Lightning Protection Testing

Testing lightning protection systems to guard against hazards caused by strikes and voltage surges.

Inspection of Low Voltage Installations

Low Voltage Installation Inspection

We ensure your low voltage installations are safe and compliant as well as reliable and efficient.

Inspection of Medium Voltage Installations

Medium Voltage Installation Inspection

We inspect the safety and compliance as well as the reliability and efficiency of your medium voltage installations.

Power grid analysis

Power Grid Analysis

EMI and related testing to limit and eliminate power grid malfunctions.

Emergency Light Testing

Emergency Light Testing and Inspection

Testing and inspection of emergency lighting systems ensure fast and safe exit during power outages.

Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems

Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems

Putting Sprinklers and Hydrants to the Test.

Smoke Control System Testing

Testing of Smoke Extraction and Control Systems

We test smoke protection and control systems according to relevant safety standards.

Building and Industrial Thermography

Thermographic Testing and Inspection

Thermography to test structural integrity and efficiency in buildings and industrial facilities.

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems

Healthy Air for Increased Productivity.