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Digitalization is making sharing easy. Why access is becoming more important than possession today and why Sharing Culture represents a solution to insufficient resources, read in the new issue of contact.

Cover Story TAKINGPart

Interview with Michael Fübi: Sharing, not possessing, is the M.O. of the ‘sharing economy’. We explore why this concept is also important for corporate knowledge.

Sharers Are Winners: Sharing culture is enriching our society. Despite the decreasing significance of possession, the economy can also benefit from the desire to share.

Three Individuals, One Underlying Motivation: Dr. Sabine Tebbich, Dr. Ulrich Lehmann, and Dr. Christian Hugo all have something in common: Cooperation plays an important role in their work.

Digital Influencer: Development engineer, author, and social media expert: Linyuan Liu is a versatile digital wonder. In our interview, he explains the significance influencers can have for companies.

Also in this issue:

A Trip around the Globe: Consumers want fair, custom products instead of cheap mass-produced goods, and favor globally and socially conscious sustainable supply chains.

Hazardous Waters: Legionella bacteria are invisible to the naked eye yet highly hazardous to health. How the risk of infection can be reduced.

Unprotected Solar Power: Industrial solar power plants are intelligent and networked. If they lack sufficient digital protection, though, they put energy supply at risk.

In the Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Harvey wreaked wide-scale damage on American industrial plants in 2017. How can people and companies protect themselves from these types of natural disasters?

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Sharing for the benefit of all - digitalization makes it possible.

Global Marketplace
Worldwide trade is not a problem when the rules are followed.

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Humans and robotics

Smart Nursing Care
More Freedom in Old Age

The Old Switcheroo
Oldtimer: Catching Up with Counterfeiters

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Escape, conflict and disruptors

Event security
Security doesn't get in for free, either

Before the Big Bang
An interview with Martin Bojowald