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How is something new created? Creative destroyers and out-of-the-box thinkers provide answers – now in the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact.

Disruption can be useful – and sometimes even necessary. Why – and what does TÜV Rheinland link to the principle of creative destruction? You can find out about this in the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact.

Cover story disRUPTION

An interview with Dr. Michael Fübi: Without creative destruction, there would be no economic development. That’s why TÜV Rheinland also relies on this approach.

Room for a new way of thinking: Few words have as negative of a connotation as ‘destruction.’ That’s not wholly justified, though; without destruction, a lot of things wouldn’t exist.

Escape, conflict and disruptors: Destruction is a very meaningful concept for urban biologist Frank Backwinkler, sport pedagogy professor Dr. Harald Lange, and organizational psychologist Adam Grant.

In – occasional – praise of destruction: Why smartphone updates cause carelessness | CAR-T: A ‘vehicle’ for boosting immune systems | How a palace became the site of a forum | An excellent finish.

Also in this issue:

Teddy is watching you: When beloved toys start spying on children.

Security doesn’t get in for free, either: Event security comes at a high cost. How much privacy should be sacrificed to aid surveillance?

Digital togetherness: When man and machine become more closely intertwined, digitalization can be advantageous.

Tested explosion protection: Explosion protection is particularly important in the oil, gas, food and automotive industries.

Three-element energy: All new buildings have heat pumps. This energy-efficient heating method is becoming increasingly popular.

The calm before the storm: Was the Big Bang the beginning of it all? Or was it just one step in a chain of developments? An interview with physics expert Martin Bojowald

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Knowledge Magazine contact 3.17 (PDF, 6.83 MB)
Highlights contact 3.17

Escape, conflict and disruptors

Event security
Security doesn't get in for free, either

Before the Big Bang
An interview with Martin Bojowald

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Knowledge Magazine contact 2.17 (PDF, 3.23 MB)
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What is normal anyway?

Staying on course

Flight safety
Take the train to your plane

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Complex sun energy
Why nuclear fusion could cover growing demand for energy in future

Cyber attacks in 2017
Why current cyber security strategies have to be readapted

All banded together
What the real status of connected and emission-free mobility is today

contact 3-16 Cover

Knowledge Magazine contact 3.16 (PDF, 9.27 MB)
Highlights contact 3.16

Going mobile?
How companies can benefit from smart mobile technology

Zero is the goal
Why toxins in clothing no longer stand a chance

One for all
Where customs questions and import regulations are not unfamiliar territory