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The knowledge TÜV Rheinland magazine contact has received the "Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing" silver award in 2013 by the League of American Communications Professionals.

Please have a look at the current issue of our knowledge magazine contact - available as flippable PDF-file:

What is NORMal anyway?

Our actions are based on a multi-faceted network of norms. But normal means different things to different people. What is normal is renegotiated every day. More now in contact

New, creative, clear – our new issue of contact is here. In a new layout and a new content concept. Let yourself be surprised and discover the new contact with many exciting, unusal and informative stories about TÜV Rheinland. The cover story of this issue is all about norm and normality.

Interview with Dr. Michael Fübi: Why it’s not just important to comply with directives but to develop new ones, too.

Normal means different things to different people: What normal means to the work of market reasearcher Stephan Grünewald, arts professor Franka Hörnschemeyer and author Carola Kleinschmidt.

Normal means healthy: Norms for IT security, devices, qualifications, medicines and hygiene are prerequisites for medical care.

As well:

Still flying free: New drone regulations causing for a lot of dissatisfaction. But kit was overdue.

Take the train to your plain: The most dangerous part of a flight is the drive to the airport. But travelers can travel by air relatively carfree.

Someone else in the driving seat: Let the car do the driving? Yes – if liability and control issues with autopilot are properly clarified.

Timeout for burnout: It only takes 48 hours to find out if employees are suffering from burnout.

Only the original counts: A seal of approval is a promise to the consumer. Brand protection – one a the company.

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The different versions of the knowledge magazine as PDF:

contact 2-17 Cover

Knowledge Magazine contact 2.17 (PDF, 3.23 MB)

What is normal anyway?

Staying on course

Flight safety
Take the train to your plane

contact 1-17 Cover

Knowledge Magazine contact 1.17 (PDF, 5.95 MB)

Complex sun energy
Why nuclear fusion could cover growing demand for energy in future

Cyber attacks in 2017
Why current cyber security strategies have to be readapted

All banded together
What the real status of connected and emission-free mobility is today

contact 3-16 Cover

Knowledge Magazine contact 3.16 (PDF, 9.27 MB)

Going mobile?
How companies can benefit from smart mobile technology

Zero is the goal
Why toxins in clothing no longer stand a chance

One for all
Where customs questions and import regulations are not unfamiliar territory

contact 2-16 Cover

Knowledge Magazine contact 2.16 (PDF, 13.32 MB)

Up, down, right, left
Why modern elevators will change the architecture of our cities

What modern train logistics will look like in the future

Overseas protection
Why businesses need additional data protection beyond Privacy Shield