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The human and digital worlds are starting to merge. How much space does this new, hybrid world for more creativity, humanity and a higher quality of living? Find out in the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact

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Blessing or Burden? The digital world is fascinating: technology can speak, it can act autonomously, and we are growing closer to it all the time. How we choose to use smart technology is entirely up to us.

Interview with Michael Fübi: Digitalization is crucial. Why future success will belong to companies that sell education.

True Love?! Dr. Kate Darling, robot ethicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) asks why we develop strong emotional bonds with lifelike machines.

SoundSCAPE: Frank Weimbs from Germany’s Eifel region combines historical organ craftsmanship with modern technology. He manufactures organs for concert halls around the world.

Get smart! Innovation researcher Marion Weissenberger-Eibl on the jobs of the future and the role of digital education.

Also in this issue:

More Freedom in Old Age: Smart helpers of the future must be equipped to perform one very important task: handling the challenges involved in the demographic shift.

Plan Digital, Build Physical: The digital ‘Building Information Modeling’ tool will permanently change the construction industry.

Noise Put to the Test: Event planners must comply with German recreational noise regulations to assess noise pollution.

When Cars Call for Help: How does the eCall system work?

Catching Up with Counterfeiters: Experts use magneto-optical resonance testing to expose the techniques used by criminals to fake classic cars.

Pedal to the Metal: Mechanic, competitive race driver, musician, and TV moderator: Lina van de Mars is always on the lookout for new challenges.

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Knowledge Magazine contact 1.18 (PDF, 5.36 MB)
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Humans and robotics

Smart Nursing Care
More Freedom in Old Age

The Old Switcheroo
Oldtimer: Catching Up with Counterfeiters

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Escape, conflict and disruptors

Event security
Security doesn't get in for free, either

Before the Big Bang
An interview with Martin Bojowald

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Knowledge Magazine contact 2.17 (PDF, 3.23 MB)
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What is normal anyway?

Staying on course

Flight safety
Take the train to your plane

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Knowledge Magazine contact 1.17 (PDF, 5.95 MB)
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Complex sun energy
Why nuclear fusion could cover growing demand for energy in future

Cyber attacks in 2017
Why current cyber security strategies have to be readapted

All banded together
What the real status of connected and emission-free mobility is today