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Machine Learning in Functional Safety and Cybersecurity

06/28/2022 - 06/29/2022 Online Event duration: 08h to 12h (4 hours per day)


  • Applications of machine learning in industry.
  • Terms and definitions from artificial intelligence and machine learning in particular.
  • Different methods of machine learning
  • Standards, guidelines and laws
  • Machine learning and Functional Safety architectures
  • Machine learning and Cybersecurity
  • Ethical issues



Target group:

Employees of manufacturers of industrial components from the areas of development, project management, marketing


Machine learning (ML) is increasingly used in industrial applications. Typical applications are predictive maintenance, image processing, self-controlling industrial trucks, robots and many more. Machine learning is assigned to artificial intelligence methods.

In this workshop we will explain the status of standards, regulations and laws as well as the technical background and what has to be considered according to state-of-the-art if ML is used in Functional Safety and Cybersecurity applications.

Venue: Online
Event Dates: 06/28/2022 - 06/29/2022