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Workshop - Introduction to ISO 21448

Safety of the Intended Functionality / SOTIF.

09/22/2021 Cologne (Germany)

One of the major and increasing Automotive market trends is highly automated driving. Starting from single ADAS functions to fully autonomous vehicles. The related vehicle functions are based on E/E systems and therefore by definition in the scope of the functional safety standard ISO 26262, but additional challenges arise from the applied technologies.

  • High complex sensor systems are necessary, which suffer of technology specific limitations.
  • Processing up to gigabytes of sensor information in real time is only possible by using AI based algorithms, which cannot be fully verified.
  • Driving decisions are subject to situational awareness, which needs to cover the whole spectrum of possible driving scenarios. The standard ISO 21448 – “Safety of the intended functionality” helps to identify insufficiencies and potential triggering conditions. Furthermore, it supports corresponding design and verification activities to enable safe highly automated driving.

This one-day introduction workshop explains the idea of SOTIF and relevant development steps. A good understanding of SOTIF is the key for integrating it into processes.


Everyone involved in the development of ADAS systems and autonomous driving functions

  • Employees of OEMs / Tiers
  • Project managers / Safety managers
  • System architects
  • Integrators of items and system
  • Hardware Developers
  • Software Developers
  • People responsible for quality assurance
  • People responsible for verification / validation


  1. Motivation / Introduction
  2. ISO 21448 in relationship to other standards
  3. SOTIF Terms
  4. Overview and Organization
  5. Specification and Design
  6. Identification and evaluation of hazards
  7. Identification of insufficiencies and triggering conditions
  8. Functional modifications addressing SOTIF-related risks
  9. Verification
  10. Evaluation of known hazardous scenarios (Area 2)
  11. Evaluation of unknown hazardous scenarios (Area 3)
  12. Perception Verification and Validation Process
  13. SOTIF release and operation
  14. SOTIF Specific Aspects / artificial intelligence
  15. Conclusion / timeline


  • Knowledge of automotive industry in general
  • Knowledge in Functional Safety (ISO 26262)


€ 780 without tax

Venue: Cologne
TÜV Rheinland
Event Dates: 09/22/2021