The history of the TÜV Rheinland Group is the story of its growth from a regional testing organisation into an international provider of technical services. Today, the corporate group is active worldwide. The company can trace its origins back to 1872, when a group of entrepreneurs founded the Dampfkessel-Überwachungs-Vereine (DÜV) or Steam Boiler Inspectorate as their own independent organisation dedicated to ensuring technical safety.

Milestones in development.
1872 Acting on their own initiative, entrepreneurs set up the “Verein zur Überwachung der Dampfkessel” (an organization to inspect steam boilers) in the districts of Elberfeld and Barmen, Germany to ensure the safety of their production facilities - the forerunner of today's TÜV Rheinland Group. Soon afterwards, the organisation was commissioned to carry out mandatory inspections.
Over 80 operators of steam boilers amalgamate to form the “Rheinischer Dampfkessel-Überwachungsverein (DÜV) Cöln-Düsseldorf”.
DÜV inspects the first automobiles and administers driving license tests.
DÜV expands its activities to include mining and energy.
DÜV becomes TÜV, Technische Überwachungsvereine (Technical Inspections Organizations) and Rheinischer DÜV becomes TÜV Köln.
TÜV Köln with 600 employees and six offices is renamed TÜV Rheinland e.V.
First domestic TÜV Rheinland subsidiary is established.
First foreign TÜV Rheinland subsidiary is founded.
TÜV Rheinland Holding AG (a holding corporation) is formed to oversee the operations of the corporate group.
TÜV Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. and TÜV Rheinland e.V. merge to form the new TÜV Rheinland Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.
Merger with TÜV Pfalz e.V. to form TÜV Rheinland Berlin Brandenburg Pfalz e.V., which ultimately becomes the TÜV Rheinland Group.
Integration of LGA Beteiligungs GmbH along with two leading Hungarian testing institutes.
  • Entry into the United Nations Global Compact initiative.
  • Integration of Brazil’s two leading testing institutes into TÜV Rheinland do Brasil.
2009 World market leader in testing solar panels with new laboratories in USA, Asia and Germany.
2010 With the acquisition of Geris, TÜV Rheinland becomes one of the largest technical testing service provider in Brazil
2012 60% of the employees are based outside Germany
2014 By means of corporate acquisitions in the IT security sector, TÜV Rheinland is becoming one of the world’s largest independent testing service providers for IT security and information security.
2017 Completion of the expansion and energy renovations at the site of the Group headquarters in Cologne with investments of almost €70 million