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Inspection and Supervision Services for the Solar Energy Industry

Services for the Solar Energy Industry

The Photovoltaic technology has undergone tremendous transformations over the last few decades particularly in increasing efficiency, reducing system prices and adapting the PV technology to the various areas of application. New installation markets emerge, while pressure to further reduce the system component prices has intensified. Challenges for the single components arise and the need to accurately predict and assess performance, reliability and durability also of an entire PV power plant has become even more important. TÜV Rheinland provides up-to-date solutions to improve the safety, reliability and quality of individual Balance of System (BoS) components and of PV power plants. As an independent third party, we are well trusted by investors, owners and lenders.

With more than 35 years of experience in the PV industry, TÜV Rheinland operates an extensive global network of PV laboratories and employs more than 250 PV experts worldwide in all PV production and installation markets.

As the global market leader for services all around Photovoltaic products and systems, our experts are your competent partners for all of your needs, worldwide, through the entire PV power plant value chain from single components to integrated solution offerings.

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Our portfolio

Energy Storage Systems
Testing and Certification for PV Energy Storage Systems 

We test and certify energy storage systems according to relevant standards.

Energy Yield Measurements for PV Modules and PV Power Plants
Energy Yield Measurements for PV  

We measure PV module and PV system energy yield for optimal performance and reliability in different climate zones.

Inverter Testing
PV Inverter Testing and Certification 

We provide testing and certification for photovoltaic inverters based on relevant standards.

Lightning and Overvoltage Protection
Overvoltage and Lightning Protection Testing 

Testing lightning protection systems to guard against hazards caused by strikes and voltage surges.

Low Voltage Installation Inspection
Low Voltage Installation Inspection 

We ensure your low voltage installations are safe and compliant as well as reliable and efficient.

Optimizing Performance of Solar Power Plants
Optimizing Performance of Solar Power Plants 

Improve quality and lifetime performance of PV components and systems to assess capability and profitability

Photovoltaic Modules
PV Module Testing and Certification 

We test and certify PV modules according to national and international standards.

Pipeline Integrity Management System
Pipeline Integrity Management System 

We conduct comprehensive services to ensure the integrity of your pipeline safety management system.

PV Performance Ratio Assessment
Performance Ratio Assessment for PV Power Plants 

We assess the operational performance of your power plant and/or its components.

Services for Glass Products in Solar Applications
Services for Glass Products in Solar Applications 

The better the quality of your solar glass, the higher the energy yield of photovoltaic infrastructure.

Technical Due Diligence for PV Power Plants
Technical Due Diligence for PV Power Plants 

We carry out technical due diligence on solar power plants for owners, investors and lenders.

Warranty Inspection Services for Solar Power Plants
Warranty Inspection Services for Solar Power Plants 

Make warranties work for you with strategic warranty inspection, assessment and management.


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