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Comprehensive Training Plan Management

Comprehensive Training Plan Management

Comprehensive Training Plan Management

Starting with the identification of training needs based on our extensive experience, through to the outlined provision of a training process and concluding with an evaluation of and certification for the training received, at TÜV Rheinland we are committed to collaborating with comprehensive training plan management.

Throughout the process, we accompany the business that wishes to maximize their investment in training. Carrying out a training activity is part of a coherent strategy in a training plan that is aligned with business objectives.

Benefits of our Training Plan Management Services

With the help of TÜV Rheinland Akademie in training management you can:

  • Be prepared in advance for up and coming changes, increasing its competitiveness and strengthening its position in the market, particularly in these difficult economic times.
  • Increase the acceptance and satisfaction of your target audience in both internal processes and customer surveys.
  • Gather and use the abilities and skills of the members of your organization.
  • Provide managers, employees and the organization in general a valuable learning opportunity.
  • Obtain results through safe and anonymous surveys, guaranteeing the protection and security of the data one hundred percent.
  • Benefit from our great experience in national and international projects and surveys

Starting Point Analysis of Training Management

Adjusting resources to meet real requirements is a process that we suggest you using so that your economic resources can effectively qualify the persons in your organization.

Our role as inspectors, testing laboratory experts and auditors provides us with key information about the real skills demanded by the labor market. This snapshot of true demand turns our training strategies into a key factor for the competitiveness of both companies and persons and adds value when assessing the sustainability and development of each.

Let us help you detect your training needs from our knowledge of the requirements necessary for optimum performance. You will then be able to optimize your dedicated resources, converting the training activity into one of your most profitable investments.

Training Process

After accurately detecting your needs, we suggest collaborating with you on the design of the training activity. Its content, implementation plan, methodology, expert selection, preparation of materials and the location of its implementation are aspects which form part of our service proposal, from which you will select according to your needs, expectations and objectives.

Training Evaluation

What results did you obtain from the training planned in 2012 and 2013?

Are you sure that the people in whom you invested attained the level of competence necessary?

Evaluation of invested resources in training and training plans is essential. If you don’t achieve the investment in training, it becomes an expense. Now is not the right time to increase spending for anything except sure investments. Our proposal is to accredit the competences gained through the following:

  • International skills certifications
  • National or autonomous accreditations
  • Certification of persons for which TÜV Rheinland Akademie is accredited by DAR Germany

Professional qualifications integrate the training received in key markets. TÜV Rheinland validates these professional qualifications in the countries where they are developed in their entirety. Certification of personnel means validating, as a multinational company, the ability of that person to correctly carry out the job for which he/she has been trained.


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