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Consulting and Project Management Services for Tunnels

TÜV Rheinland

The construction of tunnels requires the cooperation of several factors. Project management can be challenging involving many parties and precise predictions of time, labor and materials. As far as safety is concerned, minimum requirements for tunnels ensure that they are adequate for the volume of expected traffic and that emergency exits are available in case of an accident.

From concept review to emergency simulation, from traffic projection to emergency communications – our experts support you with a wide range of services during planning, construction, and operation. We help tunnel constructors and operators reduce costs, maintain the value of the structure and maximize service life. We identify material wear, prepare prognoses, and conduct evaluations and scanning.

Benefit from our comprehensive experience with tunnel safety. Our global network of experts is ready to assist you at several locations worldwide.

Our portfolio

Air quality monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring 

Improve immission control with our air quality tests and measurements.

Condition Monitoring
Condition Monitoring 

Tailored condition monitoring solutions for industrial equipment and rail vehicles.

Construction: Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans
Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans in Construction 

Planning consultation for the right construction location.

Consulting and Project Management
Project Management Consulting 

We provide crucial advice or complete project management to support you throughout any challenge.

Expert Reports for Construction
Expert Reports for Every Phase of Construction 

Professional Assessment of Real Estate and Land.

Failure and Damage Analysis
Damage and Corrosion Failure Analysis 

Our damage and corrosion failure analysis services provide information regarding kind and possible causes of damages

In-House Courses
In-House Seminars 

Save time and money with our in-house seminars tailored specifically to your needs. Learn more!

Material Fatigue Testing
Material Fatigue Testing 

TÜV Rheinland offers Material Fatigue Testing to ensure your product meets required criteria.

Metallography and Replica Testing
Metallography and Replica Testing 

Macrostructure and microstructure analysis through metallographic examination and replica testing.

NDT Consultancy
NDT Consultancy 

NDT consultancy services: find the testing method that best fits your project.

Open Seminars
Open Seminars 

Gain new qualifications: Learn about our diverse range of open seminars and workshops!


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!