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Certification and Auditing Services for Sport and Leisure Products

TÜV Rheinland

Products for the sports and leisure industry are expected to satisfy the requirements of amateurs as well as professionals, and of international regulatory bodies. These products range from swimming goggles to barbecue grills, volleyball nets to backpacks, and employ correspondingly diverse materials and technologies. To rise to these challenges, you need an experienced and trusted partner equipped with the knowledge and expertise to help you ensure and demonstrate the safety, quality and durability of your products. We are that partner and offer comprehensive services for the sport and leisure sector, including internationally recognized quality seals and test marks. Our support enables you to enter global markets and win and retain satisfied customers.

Sport and Leisure Products

Demonstrate the safety, quality and durability of your sports and leisure products.


Building consumer confidence in your brand compliance and commitment with our services.


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Get in contact with us!