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Consulting and Project Management Services for Buildings

TÜV Rheinland

Whether you are a builder, operator or investor in the construction of commercial and residential real estate, you are concerned with safety, integrity and durability. Our experts are here to support you through project realization and in most cases long after project completion. We help you ensure quality and safety of your assets while in service. Meeting international and national standards for energy, environment and fire safety for buildings can be quite a challenge. We offer a range of services to support technical system safety in buildings.

Attest that all aspects of your building project are safe, from planning and design to installation and service. Furthermore, we offer monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems. Identify risks and gain important insight with our recommendations. Benefit from our experience and reliability.

Our portfolio

Air quality monitoring
Air Quality Monitoring 

Improve immission control with our air quality tests and measurements.

Building Simulation and Life-Cycle Assessment
Building Simulation and Life-Cycle Assessment 

Saving Energy in Buildings with Well-Planned Heating and Cooling Systems.

Construction in Existing Buildings
Construction in Existing Buildings 

Well Advised in All Renovation Issues.

Construction: Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans
Risk Assessments and Quality Assurance Plans in Construction 

Planning consultation for the right construction location.

Consulting and Project Management
Project Management Consulting 

We provide crucial advice or complete project management to support you throughout any challenge.

Energy Efficiency for Buildings
Energy Efficient Buildings 

Energy efficient construction to save resources and to enhance the sales value of real estate.

Energy Efficiency in Business and Industry
Energy Efficiency in Business and Industry 

Save Money and Preserve the Environment through Efficient Energy Use.

Expert Reports for Construction
Expert Reports for Every Phase of Construction 

Professional Assessment of Real Estate and Land.

Explosion Protection
Operational Safety in Explosive Atmospheres 

We analyze and classify hazardous areas and supervise installations to ensure operational safety.

Fire Detection, Alarm and Extinguishing Systems
Fire Protection System Testing and Inspection 

Ensure quality and compliance of your fire detection, alarm and extinguishing systems in buildings.

Grid Analyses
Power Grid Analysis 

EMI and related testing to limit and eliminate power grid malfunctions.

In-House Courses
In-House Seminars 

Save time and money with our in-house seminars tailored specifically to your needs. Learn more!

Mid voltage installations inspections
Medium Voltage Installation Inspection  

We inspect the safety and compliance as well as the reliability and efficiency of your medium voltage installations.

Open Seminars
Open Seminars 

Gain new qualifications: Learn about our diverse range of open seminars and workshops!

Safety Lighting Systems
Emergency Light Testing and Inspection 

Testing and inspection of emergency lighting systems ensure fast and safe exit during power outages.

Smoke Extraction and Smoke Control System Testing
Testing of Smoke Extraction and Control Systems 

We test smoke protection and control systems according to relevant safety standards.

Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems
Sprinkler and Hydrant Systems 

Putting Sprinklers and Hydrants to the Test.

Sustainable Construction – DGNB, LEED and BREEAM
Sustainable Construction – DGNB, LEED and BREEAM 

A green building certificate is a testimony to sustainable construction.

Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
Inspection and Testing of HVAC Systems 

Helping to improve your company’s air quality and indoor climate.


Get in contact with us!

Get in contact with us!