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Greater Market Access with the Swiss S+ Safety Mark

When selling in Switzerland, companies whose low-voltage products bear the well-known Swiss S+ safety mark are assured of greater acceptance and market access.

TÜV Rheinland offers Swiss S+ safety mark certification in accordance with the standards in the Ordinance for Electrical Low-Voltage Products (NEV) for residential electrical appliances and commercial equipment. Through our multiple accreditations and worldwide presence, we easily guide our customers’ products to markets around the globe – ensuring their safety and conformity.

Benefits at a Glance

With Swiss S+ safety mark services from TÜV Rheinland, you can be sure of:

  • Product safety and quality
  • Marketing advantage when positioning your products on the Swiss market
  • Compliance with established NEV regulations
  • A lead against the competition with our independent third party approval
  • Reduced risk of company liability with documented safety standards
  • Fast audit times, years of experience and expertise

Our Services for Approval for Western Europe

Electrical low-voltage appliances have to fulfill the requirements of the Ordinance for Electrical Low-Voltage Products (NEV). Electrical low-voltage equipment can be marked on a voluntary basis with the well-known Swiss S+ safety mark.

Finished products for all end users must conform to NEV requirements in the same way that components integrated to make up an end product have to. This includes meeting conformity criteria with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

The safety mark corresponds to Certification Category 2 (type testing and market surveillance) and covers the following requirements:

  • Testing and inspection of electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.
  • Approval of Low-voltage electrical products (commercial and residential).

More Information

TÜV Rheinland’s Swiss S+ safety mark services approach is as follows:

  • Initial meeting
  • Document submission
  • Inspection
  • Preparation of documentation and test report
  • Certification

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Our services cover commercial and residential low-voltage electrical products.