Certipedia - Online Global Certification Database

Global Representation with Timely and Cost Effective Market Access

Certipedia helps make informed decisions. It is an online portal where those in the channel of distribution can communicate compliance information and verify conformity in 17 languages, 24/7/365. Gaining market share, reducing unnecessary risk and expenditure, and simplifying the world of compliance is all possible with the Certipedia menu of services. A wealth of global product, system and professional certifications is now available at the click of a mouse.

Benefits at a Glance

Registration on Certipedia:

  • Reduces internal administrative costs by efficiently managing your compliance files
  • Provides a knowledge center and marketing platform to confirm statements of quality and safety
  • Secure 24/7 global file sharing of technical and marketing data: certificates, reports, operator manuals, and more
  • Distinguishes your brand from the competitor
  • Defines market opportunities and addresses new target groups

Our Services for Certipedia

Make Your Mark in the Marketplace

The Certipedia quality mark can be customized to help differentiate your product, system, and/or service from the competition because it highlights specific attributes that make it unique. We work together to assure that the keywords selected are a perfect fit, and truly encompasses the scope of evaluation. Use the Certipedia label to promote your unique web ID and customized keywords to customers, OEMs and suppliers and make your mark in the marketplace.

Document Management Made Easy

Our document management service is designed to organize and maintain project files so critical information is where you need it, when you need it, despite time zone. A user friendly repository classifies and secures files creating an effective global sharing platform.

Brand Protection for Every Product

Protect yourself from counterfeiters using Certipedia. Buyers, sellers and regulatory inspectors look to the Certipedia mark and its unique numbering system to ensure authenticity. Genuine marks point to a location on the web where quality statements are confirmed.

Tailored Access Points

Levels of secure access include a public, private and 3rd party entry to information that could assist in managing domestic and overseas factory locations and business relationships. Live technical experts are available every step of the way, ready to assist with user registrations and establishing just the right level of document protection. For more information, please select Request a Quote below or call us at 1-TUV-Rheinland.


It's This Easy

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