Industrial Machinery Testing and Certification

Safety and Reliability of Your Industrial Machines

As a globally recognized testing and certification authority, TÜV Rheinland provides domestic and international safety testing and certification services for Industrial Machinery manufactures and suppliers. TÜV Rheinland offers programs designed to assist companies achieve industrial machinery certification for a number of standards and regulations including CE Marking and Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. We also help organizations with risk assessments, damage investigations and verify compliance with accident prevention regulations. We offer state-of-the-art testing services for compliance with requirements for sound, laser and electromagnetic emissions. If the machinery safety testing is successful, TÜV Rheinland has the authority to issue certificates of compliance which are recognized in markets around the globe.

Benefits at a Glance

An internationally recognized certification mark from TÜV Rheinland helps you:

  • Ensure compliance to required standards and regulations
  • Lower your risk of liability by documenting your compliance with safety standards
  • Competitively position your products with our independent third-party certification mark
  • Meet and increase customer confidence with the reliability of your industrial machines.
  • Benefit from our years of experience and expertise

Our Services for Industrial Machinery

We offer you customized solutions that meet domestic and international requirements and regulations. Our Industrial Machinery Services Include:

  • EC prototype audit for Annex IV machines
  • Support with new developments and modifications
  • Testing in accordance with domestic, European and other international guidelines and requirements
  • Check for ergonomics, ease of operational use, and service during period inspections
  • Support during global accreditation
  • On-site testing of electromagnetic endurance
  • Evaluation of machine's functional safety before and during operation
  • Risk analysis and report
  • Assistance in preparation of documentation in accordance to EC legislation concerning CE declarations of conformity, hazard analyses, and operating manuals
  • Evaluation of quality management systems in accordance with Annex X (2006/42/EC)

Pathway to Proven Quality

Step 1: Bid Proposal

In order to help us determine which types of certification procedures, applicable directives, harmonized standards and documentation are necessary to complete the testing and certification process, we would require a comprehensive description of the machine, including specs, images, operation manual, installation, and circuit diagram in order to provide you with a proposal.

Step 2: Testing and Certification

Upon successful inspection of your machine, applicable documentation, and quality management system, a certificate will be issued, determining conformance to the required standards and regulations. A detailed report will be provided with open deviations and addtional required repairs, if the testing is not successful.

Additional Recommendations

A pre-audit of your industrial machines or development support is recommended in order to help you identify gaps at an early stage and reduce unforseen expenses.

Export Requirements for Machinery

The European Machinery Directive 98/37/EC requires that machinery products bear the CE Marking and be accompanied by the proper documentation (i.e., EU-Type Test Certificate). There are also other numerous harmonized standards that machinery should meet. By having non-compliant products, and products without proper documentation, you risk products being removed from the market or stopped at the border. We have the expertise you need to minimize that risk and sell your products into any country in the world.

Mobile EMC Testing

TUV Rheinland of North America provides efficient EMC testing for Heavy Industrial Machinery. With 19 conveniently located state-of- the-art EMC testing facilities in North America alone, TÜV Rheinland is uniquely qualified to help its clients get their products to market quickly. When requirements include heavy industrial equipment, one of TÜV Rheinland’s dedicated mobile labs with specialized equipment can test at the customer’s location –outdoors, indoors, or right on the factory floor. This is especially useful and cost effective for those systems that are built in place not easily moved or shipped. Typically, on-site testing takes no more than three days, from arrival to departure. Testing is accomplished at the manufacturer’s facility following EMC Directive 2014/30/EU Guidelines.

Product Examples

Escalators and moving walkways

Power windows, doors, and gates

Cranes and winches

Lifting platforms

Power machines

Warehouses and logistics

Vehicle parking systems and double-parking units

Stage equipment

Temporary structures

Cable railways and ski lifts

Airlift systems