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contact - knowledge magazine awarded

The knowledge TÜV Rheinland magazine contact has received the "Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing" silver award in 2013 by the League of American Communications Professionals.

Please have a look at the current issue of our knowledge magazine contact - available as flippable PDF-file:

Noise is part of our everyday lives. But why it makes us sick and how modern technology can prevent noise in the future is explained in the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact.

Our surroundings are getting ever louder. Be it freight trains, aircraft, or jackhammers – with increasing mobility and construction noise, we have created a soundscape that, after a time, gets on our nerves and makes us sick. But if we don’t wish to return to the pre-industrial era, we have to live with the noise. Innovative noise protection technologies can help. In the cover story of the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact, we show how they can prevent noise being generated and so give us back some peace and quiet.

Also in this issue:

Individual test mark numbers: Individual test IDs give consumers specific information about their product.

Network planning and expansion: Mobile network operators have to stay competitive by expanding their networks.

World of Laboratories: Our laboratory in Arnheim in the Netherlands tests everything that is made of glass.

Total oversight: How we use unmanned aeronautical equipment for testing purposes.

Goodbye lazybones: What companies are doing to get fitter employees.

Colorful is better: There are now colored energy labels for heaters and boilers.

Humor: Jokes may be a magic bullet in communication, but they do not go down equally well everywhere.

Visiting the tuning master: Sidney Hoffmann talks about his passion in an interview.

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The different versions of the knowledge magazine as PDF: