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Dangerous Goods Transport Tanks

Safe Transports – No Matter how Dangerous the Goods

Whether it’s transport by road, rail, or by ship you want to put to the test, we can help you comply with the large number of regulations governing safe transports of dangerous goods. Our experts assist you with permit and authorization procedures, keep track of inspection deadlines, and monitor the smooth execution of transport operations. With our first-time and periodic inspections of dangerous goods packaging, large packaging materials, intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), pressure receptacles, and tanks, you reduce the health risk for your operators. We also train personnel to handle dangerous goods and can offer you training courses on topics related to dangerous goods handling and transport.

Benefits at a Glance

With TÜV Rheinland’s comprehensive solutions for dangerous goods transport, you can:

  • Reinforce the trust that employees and the general public have in the safety of your tanks and containers
  • Ensure a high level of safety and avoid health risks for operators
  • Optimize your processes and ensure trouble-free operation
  • Take advantage of our worldwide network of experts and one-stop service from a single source
  • Simplify your inspection management system with our Internet-based EquipmentOnline® digital database

Our Inspection and Consulting Services

  • Type authorization and type examination of pressure receptacles and tanks
  • Type examination of dangerous goods packaging and IBCs
  • First-time and periodic inspections of dangerous goods packaging, IBCs, pressurized gas receptacles, tank containers, portable tanks, permanently connected tanks, and mobile tanks
  • Consulting services on legal questions related to issues such as ADR, RID, and IMDG
  • Assistance in preparing alarm and action plans
  • Scheduling to ensure compliance with inspection intervals
  • Support for repair activities
  • Expert reports
  • Assistance with authorization procedures
  • Certification of competence
  • Training for personnel handling dangerous goods (dangerous goods officers)
  • Training on topics related to dangerous goods handling and transport
  • Assistance with manufacturing

Internationally Applicable Legal Standards

  • ADR, European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route)
  • RID, Regulation concerning the international carriage of dangerous goods by rail
  • IMDG, International Maritime Code for Dangerous Goods
  • TPED, Transportable Pressure Equipment Directive 1999/36/EC