Emergency Communication Systems and Centers

Emergency Call Systems – Tested for Reliability

To operate elevator systems, reliable emergency call systems are required with a connection to an emergency communication center. Our employees help you select suitable emergency call equipment for the systems you operate. We help suppliers and manufacturers of emergency communication systems in the planning, development, and production of their systems. We take over responsibility for testing your products and assess their conformance with the applicable standards and laws.

Benefits at a Glance

With services for emergency communication systems and emergency communication centers from TÜV Rheinland, you:

  • Gain access to a complete one-stop shop service, with local contacts near you
  • Actively contribute to accident prevention
  • Reduce your risk of liability by complying with safety standards and getting certification for your compliance
  • Meet the requirements of the Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance
  • Benefit from short test times and our many years of experience

Our Services for Your Emergency Call Systems

For suppliers of emergency call systems and operators of emergency communication centers, we offer a wide range of services.

Planning, Development, and Production

We help you in the planning, development, and production of emergency call transmission systems and can take over responsibility for the analysis and evaluation of your emergency call systems.

Voluntary Type Examination

At your request, we will carry out a voluntary type examination of each of your emergency call transmission systems. You benefit by being able to reassure your customers that the quality and functional security of your products have been certified. You also protect yourself against the eventuality of product liability claims.

Emergency Communication Center Testing

Our employees test each of the relevant emergency call centers and the overall operational strategy.

Certification and Test Report

As a producer you receive a certificate and a test report for the voluntary type examination when test results are positive. This documents that your emergency call systems meet the relevant directives and standards, specifically:

  • DIN EN 81-28, safety rules for the design and installation of elevators – Part 28:
    Remote emergency call for personnel and freight elevators
  • DIN EN 81-70, safety rules for the design and installation of elevators – Part 70:
    Accessibility of elevators for people, including people with disabilities
  • Industrial Safety and Health Ordinance (BetrSichV)