RED Directive


Conformity Evaluation for Radio Equipment and Telecommunication Products

In the European Union, sales and operation of radio and telecommunication terminals are governed by the RED Directive 2014/53/EU.

TÜV Rheinland is recognized as an RED Notified Body and may apply the required conformity assessment procedure to your radio and telecommunication terminal equipment.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Ensure compliance with the RED Directive
  • Enhanced support concerning product liability
  • Tests conducted by neutral third parties are reliable and help you gain a competitive advantage over other manufacturers
  • Achieve CE Marking compliance by meeting the RED Directive requirements

Our Services

As a notified body, we perform all required examinations and also provide support throughout the product approval process. The scope of our services includes:

  • Information on the RED directive: scope, purpose
  • Information on selling and operating telecommunications devices in the European Union
  • Explanation via manufacturer verification for compliance with the basic requirements of the RED directive (conformity assessment procedure)
  • Issue of Notified Body statement of opinion confirming compliance with requirements as specified in article 3 of the directive
  • Application for quality assurance systems in accordance with Annex V of the directive
  • Radio testing
  • Testing for electromagnetic compatibility
  • Testing for electrical safety and auditing compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Testing for compliance with interface parameters in line with national and international standards and individual manufacturer specifications
  • Compatibility and quality inspections for analog and digital terminals and devices
  • Issuing test report and certificate
  • Notification in individual EU countries


Requirements for devices to comply with the RED Directive other than performance testing

  • Article 3.2 Spectrum Requirements (RF characteristics)
  • Article 3.1b EMC Requirements
  • Article 3.1a Safety Requirements (Electrical Safety)
  • Article 3.1a Health Requirements (Safety Requirements concerning exposure of the human body to high frequencies)

Flowchart for compliance with the R&TTE Directive Requirements

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Product Examples

Wireless products

  • Wireless LAN devices (computers, lap-tops, PC accessories, printers, IT devices, etc.)
  • TV and audio equipment with wireless connection
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth® devices
  • Toys with remote controller
  • Weather stations with radio sensors
  • Smart appliances with wireless connection
  • Smart Grid devices with wireless connection
  • Car navigation systems
  • Wireless controllers for commercial and industrial use
  • Wireless devices for car
  • Radio controlled equipment