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The knowledge TÜV Rheinland magazine contact has received the "Inspire Awards Corporate Publishing" silver award in 2013 by the League of American Communications Professionals.

Please have a look at the current issue of our knowledge magazine contact - available as flippable PDF-file:

More transparency is the order of the day. Why openness is increasingly becoming the standard expected and how companies should react is explained in the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact.

“More transparency” is the order of the day. The openness experienced by users in the internet is increasingly becoming the standard. This demand needs to be taken seriously by businesses and institutions. What this means for TÜV Rheinland and how we contribute to transparency – now in the new issue of our knowledge magazine contact.

Also in this issue:

Change Management: How better processes can increase employee satisfaction

Protected ideas: When is a patent application worthwhile and how does it work?

Digital transformation: Full coverage for high-performance broadband is a requirement for Industry 4.0.

Hail damages: A mobile surface scanner can classify hail damage to cars within two minutes.

World of laboratories: Our new laboratory in Changwon, South Korea, puts air conditioning units through their paces.

Employer certification: Certifying a company’s human resources management has an influence on attracting future employees.

Testing classrooms: A current model project shows that using building materials without dangerous substances in schools is not that expensive.

Learning by playing: Serious games use one of the most important lessons from nature for clever training exercises.

Caution, explosive: Rechargeable batteries are becoming more efficient by the day. But experts recommend treating them with caution.

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