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Assessment and Audit of Rail Vehicles

Unlimited Rail Travel with Tested Trains

Modern rail systems and networks are becoming increasingly complex. European trains have to share railroad tracks with a large number of companies. To guarantee rail transport safety, country-specific accreditations are required for all kinds of trains. Our employees carry out the statutory audits and certifications of your rail vehicles and components; be they high-speed trains, long-distance goods trains, or regional trains. You can be sure that your trains are in good hands with us. Make use of our extensive experience when it comes to international accreditation and EG certification of high-speed multiple train units and locomotives.

Benefits at a Glance

An internationally recognized audit and certification from TÜV Rheinland helps you:

  • Fulfill statutory requirements for rail vehicles
  • Prove that your rail vehicles adhere to safety and quality standards and also maintain due diligence during activation by Independent third parties
  • Reduce liability for your company with our assessments and certificates
  • Acquire worldwide assistance and support for your projects with our international network
  • Take advantage of certification for interoperability from our own authorized bodies in the Netherlands and Denmark

Our Services For Tested Rail Vehicles

Our experts audit and certify the safety, quality, and interoperability of your rail vehicles and components. We provide the following:

  • EG audit as an authorized body, based on directive 2008/57/EG “Interoperability of the Trans-European railway system” and superior technical interoperability specifications, or TSIs
  • TSI PRM for “persons with limited mobility”
  • TSI SRT for “safety in railway tunnels”
  • TSI for goods trains
  • TSI for noise
  • Assistance with operational inspections
  • Implementation of braking calculations
  • Derivation of specific operating instructions from assessment results
  • Preparation of damage reports and valuations
  • Assistance in commissioning, prototype tests, and series tests
  • Safety assessment for rebuilding or conversion
  • Calculation of structural stability, kinematic gauge, and brake design
  • Noise tests
  • Design of evacuation and fire protection measures
  • Provision and evaluation of national accreditation requirements
  • RAMS analysis
  • Tests in compliance with BOStrab, VDV, or comparable national regulations
  • Support during invitations to tender and evaluations of proposals for procuring rolling stock
  • Audit and assessment of vehicle-sided electrical and electronic components and systems

Our Accreditations and Licenses for Auditing Rail Vehicles

TÜV Rheinland InterTraffic operates two authorized bodies: Luxcontrol in the Netherlands and FiTRail in Denmark, and is also an associated partner of the German notified body 'Eisenbahn-Cert'. We also hold the following accreditations:

  • Inspection body type A based on the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17020 norm.
  • Certification body based on the DIN EN 45011 norm.
  • In France we are nationally recognized as an EOQA for urban rail networks and OQ for long-distance and main-line trains. In the UK we are recognized by Network Rail and UKAS/DfT.
  • Auditor for IRIS.
  • Various individual accreditations for railway engineering permit authorities

Product Examples for Audits and Certifications

  • High-speed trains
  • Regional trains
  • Locomotives
  • Goods trains
  • Passenger train wagons
  • DMU – Diesel Multiple Unit
  • EMU – Electrical Multiple Unit