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Expert Construction Damage Report

Expert Construction Damage Reports

As part of their damage management, insurers need fast and authoritative statements to settle losses – regardless of whether the damage involves faulty execution, planning errors, or unsuitable building materials. Our qualified construction experts handle inspections and evaluations of all types of damage and provide expert construction damage reports, ranging from expert statements on minor damage to comprehensive expert reports in cases of major damage.

Benefits at a Glance

With expert construction damage reports from TÜV Rheinland, you will:

  • Receive a rapid, professional assessment of construction damage
  • Get our assistance to minimize losses
  • Be able to take advantage of our risk assessment to prevent future losses

Our Services in the Event of Loss or Damage

Our qualified experts for construction damage determine the cause of damage, estimate the cost of repair, and recommend alternative substitution measures. These services include:

  • Expert construction damage reports
  • A detailed record of the scope of damage
  • Explanation of the cause of the damage and plausibility study
  • Computation of quantities
  • Estimate of damage-related repair costs and the cost of required substitution measures
  • Documentation of preexisting damage
  • Risk assessment of the probability of the same damage occurring again
  • Assessment of recourse options
  • Brief assessment of minor damage
    Clarification of the scope of damage and the cost of repairs
    Short report with key results available for final processing within 48 hours after the on-site inspection date
  • Review of cost estimates and invoices
  • Determination of insurance values
  • File reviews